I can't help but worry about Drake's intentions.

Why sneak?

Why act strange?

Why go behind my back?

Why not tell me?

Why lie?

Why be so cunning?

Why be a total douchebag about it?

I have so many questions pondering on my mind, where's my conscience when I need it. 

Who's the girl?

Sometimes I wonder why me of all persons has to put up with him, especially him. It's been 5 months, we were on good terms until he decided to going back to being the stupid jerk he is. Out of curiousity I want to know what he's up to, but I'll leave it alone, I'll find out the truth somehow, someway just not now. I start tour tomorrow and I don't want anything messing it up or getting in the way, especially the dirty secret Drake is hiding.

It's been 5 months, the feud between me and Drake Bell is about to get worse, this is just the beginning of the story


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