The party kept going, Jake was by my side all night long which is surprisingly shocking. Since he's the most popular guy in school he should be running off to attend to other people but that wasn't the case. We had a few drinks, well uhm actually I lied we had way too much.

You're probably wondering what a 16 year old girl like me is doing drinking? Well you only live once (YOLO)

There was of course booze, and I mean lots of it especially on the front lawn, in my opinion it was more like a frat party. My mind started to wonderuncontrollably until I was interrupted by Jake. His eyes glistening as he looked at me.

Jake: Hi you okay?

Emily: I'm fine *stumbles a little*

Jake: You don't look so fine

Emily: *slumbers* Why is every guy protective over me ugh?

Jake: Cause you're beautiful, every beautiful girl deserves to be protected

Emily: *stumbles*


Emily: My point is you don't know him

Justin: My point is  he's an asshole

Emily: Why do you even care?

Justin: *yells* You think I want what happened to you to happen again

Emily: You're just jealous

Justin: Jealous of what?

Emily: Him

Justin: *chuckles sarcastically* I'm trying to protect you

Emily: Ooooo scary

Justin: You're not taking me seriously so fuck this shit. Don't expect me to show up to classes tomorrow, I'll get new classes, get a new guide, sit at a different table

Jake: Em!!! Em!!!

Emily: Uh?

Jake: Lost track of you there

Emily: I got a question

Jake: Ask away

Emily: *takes another drink and slurs words* Did Spongebob ever fuck Patrick? *stumbles*

Jake: You're done with drinks for the night, come on *takes drink out of her hand, rests it down on the table and lifts her over my back carrying her upstairs

Emily: Whoaaaa I'm flying *burps and giggles*

Football player: Where you going man?

Jake: Upstairs

Football player: Is that one of your side chicks?

Jake: Uhm.....

Football player:  Its cool man, do what you gotta do

Jake: *disappears into a room with Emily and lays her down on a bed and locks the door*

Emily: J-j-a-ke where am I?

Jake: In my room sweetie

Emily: Uh?

Jake: *kisses Emily's neck*

I'm sorry Em, but I have to do this

Emily: Wh-a-a-t are you talking about? *vision starts to blur*

Jake: *takes off clothes*

Emily: *leans my head to the side*
Jake: *mumbles* I got her right where I want her *takes off her clothes*

You're going to have the time of your life baby

My 20/20 vision blurred, I couldn't make out Jake's face quite well what I did notice was that he was naked, my eyes tried to adjust to the image. Oh no, I was aware of what was going to happen, this time Justin isn't here to save me, to swoop in.

Jake: Ready baby?

Emily: J-a-k-e please don't do this, please

Jake: *pushes pill into her mouth*

Emily: *spits it out*

Jake: Swallow it bitch *forces it into her mouth again*

Emily: *swallows*

Jake: Good girl

Before I knew it, my vision blurred more, his naked body over me, I was stripped of my profound dignity, everything went from colorful to pitch black, I blacked out.


I was late, uninvited of course, there were people on the front lawn with booze- how pathetic- I did it once but not to that extent. I walked into the house, people everywhere talking, making out in corners, playing games, drinking, sniffing the hell out of drugs.

I saw all of the guests but where's the host, no sign of Emily either.

My main priority is her.

Moving between the crowd, I spotted Alicia with a blonde hair guy

Alicia: Austin? I mean Justin

Justin: You know about me?

Alicia: Yeah Em told me *rolls eyes* well not everything something about Drake forging documents, that's it

Bingo she didn't tell her that she almost got raped

Alicia: Did Jake invite you?

Justin: Of course not, where is Emily

Alicia: I.....

Justin: Please tell me you did not lose sight of her

Blonde guy: Look man find your girlfriend later, we're in the middle of something here

Justin: Yeah sticking your damn tongue down her throat

Blonde guy: *grunts*

Alicia: They were right over there by that table

Justin: Who?

Alicia: Jake&Em silly *smiles*

Justin: Okay *goes over to the table*

On the table were 26 empty red plastic cups that reeked of alcohol. I then asked around "Has anyone seen who was around this table?" The majority of answers were Jake and some chick.

No other than Emily Alvarez.

I decided to play detective not my intention but I needed to find her, she's in danger.

Checking the whole of downstairs, outside and the streets I was hopeless. I saw nothing. One place I didn't check


I made my way upstairs, there were 5 rooms, I opened each one of them, feared for the worst. To no avail it was students making out in bed.

The last door however was locked which is stranged, no sounds came from the room, I did learn how to pick a lock. Lil Twist thought me, long story.

I picked the lock entering the material back into my pocket and opened the door upon seeing the sight before me:

A girl passed out on the bed while he was fucking the shit out of her.

It was too late, I failed.

Adrenaline kicked in, I was filled with rage nothing can stop me now from killing Jake Heileman as my clenched fist, I headed towards him still going at it on Emily.

I didn't want to look at the damage he was doing to her. Blood rushed to my veins.

Agast from seeing me I punched him, all was quiet.

Justin: You're dead *walks over to Jake*

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