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All the beliebers  went away and it was just me and Emily outside, Emily was more determined than I was to see Justin, waiting to know if the guy that she talked to was Drake Bell. We went about 8 hours without food and water, as night began to approach all we had was little money and our phones with us. Available to catch wifi I tweeted

Alicia @swaggybieber: Outside of Justin Bieber's studio waiting for him to come out

And then I tweeted the photo of Me, Emily and Fredo and then an individual photo of me and Fredo- a selfie.

Emily: Hey are you okay?

Alicia: Yeah I'm fine, I just tweeted the photo of us and Fredo

Emily: You're getting wifi? Wow

Alicia: Yeah, try it


I looked over at Alicia, she was pacing up and down in the dark with her face buried down in her phone. I couldn't help but wonder what she was doing. She told me she was getting wifi so I went ahead and tried and I caught it too and I saw her tweet and she got a bunch of retweets from beliebers, I retweeted also and proceeded to tweet the photos I had also while we were waiting for Justin to come out and hopefully if my hunch is right Drake Bell also.

*Meanwhile inside*


The silence between me and Drake was unbearable, I couldn't take it anymore. I noticed that beliebers went away and just as I hoped Alicia and Emily were outside still, I think I got their names correctly.  Part of me wanted to go out there again and hang out with them but part of me had to stay indoors with Drake like his personal babysitter. Both of them were pacing up and down, somehow I wanted to let them in but rules is rules, and then Drake Bell is here with us and the secret could get out.

Drake: Ughhh I want to go back to the house

Fredo: Then leave

Drake: Maybe I will *gets up and starts towards the front door*

Fredo: Hey where are you going?

Drake: No one is out there

Fredo: There's two beliebers out there

Drake: Oh those two girls. What are they still doing here?

Fredo: waiting to see Justin

Drake: *scoffs*

Fredo: Go through the back. I'll tell Kenny to drive around there

Drake: *pulls up hoodie* Okay

Fredo: One more thing

Drake: What?

Fredo: How come you listen to me and not Justin

Drake: Cause I don't okay? He's a jerk

Fredo: That's where you're wrong, he has a heart

Drake: Yeah as if

fredo: well take my word for it, I know him way better than you do

Drake: Thanks but watever, we'll never get along and *sighs* that's just how it is *walks towards the back of the studio*

*On the phone with Kenny*

Kenny: What's up Fredo?

Fredo: Yo Kenny can you drive around the back of the studio and pick up Drake Bell and take him back home and come back for us

Kenny: Sure no problem

Fredo: Thanks avoid getting caught by Emily and Alicia

Kenny: You know them?

Fredo: Yeah I was out there earlier man

Kenny: Oh I had a talk with them

Fredo: Sounds fun

Kenny: Yeah well I better go and pick up Drake, you know how he is

Fredo: Yeah, see you when you get back. Bye

Kenny: Bye man

I saw Kenny pull off from the front, but neither did Emily or Alicia move they were on their phones

Scooter: That's a rap.

Justin: Finally *walks out*

Scooter: Fredo where's Drake?

Fredo: He went away with Kenny, apparently he wanted to go home, it was too boring for him

Justin: Who are those two beliebers out there? *bites my lip*

Fredo: Oh Emily and Alicia, they are nice girls

Justin: *chuckles* they caught the wifi too

Fredo: Twitter I guess

Justin: Maybe

Scooter: Good job in there

Justin: Thanks Scoot

Fredo: Kenny is gonna be a long while, anyone thinking what I'm thinking?

Justin: Go out there and chill with two hot girls

Fredo: *laughs* Bro you haven't met them yet

Justin: But I'm looking at them and from this angle they seem preety hot

Fredo: *laughs* You're just as inappropriate as your beliebers

Scooter: Match made in heaven

Fredo&Justin: *laughs*

Justin: Let's go

Fredo: Party rocking time

Scooter: Shutup laughs*


We were waiting patiently on Justin to come out, we had wifi so it was no big deal when suddenly the doors swung open

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