The door swung open and there he was Justin Drew Bieber along with Fredo and Scooter at his side. I immediately began to have butterflies in my stomach, that extreme pain that you have in your stomach when you're really nervous. That was the feeling I had........ Boy!!! was it butterflies, I was overwhelmed he was even cuter in person. I started to shake, funny thing is Alicia looked as though she was about to faint


The door swung open and I couldn't believe that he was right infront of my very own eyes. I started to think if any of this was real. I saw Justin Bieber in real life, I swear i was going to have a heart attack the minute he walked out with Scooter and Fredo. I have heard of experiences that Beliebers had meeting him outside of his hotels, but it was his studio I was standing infront of and there he was approaching us. I was excited and deep deep down inside I began to panic. what to say, what to say. I squeezed Emily's hand and she reacted towards it knowing that this was it, this is the moment we both have been waiting for. We both finally met our idol and nothing is holding us back. I looked at all three of them, my eyes focusing on Justin, gleaming in the darkness as he drew closer and closer.


Justin: Hey *smiles* you must be *looks at Emily* Alicia and *looks at Alicia* Emily

Emily:  I'm Emily by the way- Emily Alvarez

Justin: Oops sorry sweetie *smiles*

Emily: OMB!!! It's...... it's really you *starts to cry*

Justin: Yes it's really me sweetheart, come here *opens my arms for a hug*

Emily: *embraces him* I can't believe its you

Justin: It is, it is *rubs her back* Look at me

Emily: *looks at Justin*

Justin: Don't cry *wipes her tears* I hate seeing my lovely Beliebers cry especially a preety girl like you

Fredo: Ooooooooo

Emily: *hugs him again* I love you so much Justin

Justin: *hugs her back* I love you too beautiful


While Justin and Emily were having their little moment hanging unto each other, fredo appeared beside me grinning

Fredo: Hey waiting for your hug too

Alicia: Y...esss

Fredo: Aww you're nervous

Alicia: I guess

Fredo: I can assure you there's nothing to be worry about *hugs her and then looses*

Alicia: Are they ever gonna let go? *looks at Justin and Alicia*

Fredo: You don't need Justin, you got me

Alicia: Are you flirting with me Alfredo Flores?

Fredo: Maybe I am Alicia, maybe I am *smiles*

Alicia: The whole bieber crew are teasers *giggles*

Fredo: Are we really?

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