Justin is finally 21, I can't believe he's finally 21. He started out as a Canadian boy using pots as drums. His Youtube videos amazed a lot of people. He got judged, called names,  he battled depression for 3 months no one knew not even his own beliebers. That didn't stop him now did it? He pushed harder and harder and I can stand here today and say despite the stuff that he has done over the years I'm proud of him and where he is today. I'm truly proud to say that he saved my life and he's my one and true inspiration.

No one can stay 16 forever right? He's growing and growing strong. Watching him now he's happier now than he has ever been over the past years and I like seeing him that way- Happy.

Thank you to Justin for being my lifesaver and thank you to all of you amazing readers for getting me this far with this book.


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