*On the phone with Jeremy*

Jeremy: What is it son?

Justin: Well.....

Drake: *grabs the phone from Justin*

Jeremy: Son are you there?

Drake: It's me Drake

Jeremy: What are you boys up to?

Drake: Oh nothing *smirks and looks at Justin* Justin here was just checking to see how you are doing

Jeremy: I'm fine, am I on speaker?

Drake: *clears throat* No *takes off speaker*

Jeremy: Is that it?

Drake: Yes that is all

Jeremy: Well thanks for calling

Drake: Justin was the one that called

Jeremy: *chuckles* my apologies. Goodybe son

Drake: Goodbye father *hangs up phone and throws it to Justin*

Justin: *catches phone* what the hell was that? I thought we had a deal

Drake: Deal is off brother

Justin: What?

Drake: The deal is off

Justin: So you're saying you don't want to come?

Drake: That's exactly what I'm saying

Justin: This isn't a game Drake

Drake: I know, I said I'm sticking around, alright? You can go on your fancy smancy tour and I'll stay right here

Justin: How much fun would that be? *sits on chair handle*

Drake: I don't need fun

Justin: It's time for a change

Drake: Don't you get it? I don't need a change

Justin: Then stop playing mind games with me dammit

Drake: Watever, we're done talking

Justin: Answer one question

Drake: *looks at Justin*

Justin: Why did you change your mind all of a sudden?

Drake: Because this isn't me, this isn't who I am, me being nice to you, I can't anymore

Justin: So we're back to how we were 5 months ago?

Drake: Yeah

Justin: It was stupid of me to think that I could change you

Drake: That's the problem brother, you can't, you'll always be my stepbrother that doesn't mean we'll be the best of friends. I gotta go

Justin: Go where?

Drake: Out

Justin: Out where?

Drake: Knock it off *scoffs* you're not my babysitter *walks out and slams door*

Justin: *sighs and runs upstairs and flops on the bed and texts Ryan*


*text messages*

Justin: Bro, there's something I need to tell you

Ryan: Is everything okay?

Justin: No, its something I hid from you for the past 5 months

Ryan: I'm your best friend

Justin: I know, I'm going on tour soon

Ryan: I know, its akward Drake Bell hasn't tweeted anything about you for the past couple of months, weird right?

Justin: That's what I need to explain, come over to my house now!!! and bring Chaz with you

Ryan: Justin, Chaz is..........

Justin: NOW ryan NOW

Ryan: Alright, we'll be there

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