Justin- You're joking right?

Jeremy: Son......

Justin- No *turns to Scooter* How could you not tell me uh?

Scooter: It's best that your mom and dad did not me

Justin: But you know what is going on Twitter................ How can that monster be my stepbrother, NO

Jeremy: I'm sorry, I was young and stupid

Justin: Yeah well  you sure fucked up this time

Pattie: Watch your language young man

Justin: Mom don't *sits still*

So what about my beliebers, how do you think they will react

Jeremy: *yells* It isn't about them

Justin: * yells* They have every right to know, they are the ones that got me where I am now

Jeremy: You sure about that?

Justin: That's a dumb ass question

Jazzy: *runs downstairs* You can't catch me

Jaxon: *runs downstairs*

Jazzy: Daddy!!!

Jeremy: Hey kiddos *lifts up Jazzy* Boy are you getting heavy sweetheart

Jazzy: No I'm not daddy

Jeremy: *puts her down and stoops near to Jaxon* Hi son

Jaxon: Hi daddy

Jazzy: *runs over to Justin* Justy will you play with me?

Justin: *grunts* not now Jazzy

Jazzy: Why not?

Pattie: Jazzy leave your brother alone

Jazzy: But......

Pattie: No buts, Scooter take them back upstairs

Scooter: Okay come on kids. The monster is out to get you, you better run

Jazzy: *screams* come on Jaxon*

Jaxon: *runs*

Pattie: Justin you'll be fine

Justin: The hell I won't. How could you? How could both of you? I hate that douchebag and now I'm related to his stupid ass. I need time to think. I'm going out for a walk
 *picks up phone and leaves the house slamming the door behind me*

Jeremy: That went well

Pattie: Can you be any immature?

Jeremy: Now is not the time to discuss us Pattie, our son didn't take this well

Pattie: I have eyes, I saw for my own self

Jeremy: Liszten to me, whatever is going on between us, let's fix it now

Pattie: Fine


Drake: This is all a joke and it will rub off

Joe: I'm afraid you're wrong. This is serious

Drake: No

Robin: He's right

Drake: No, you're telling me I'm related to that nitwit?

Robin: Preety much, there's no reason to call him that

Joe: Tell me something, why do you hate him so much?

Drake: Because he's a jerk and he's immature. I refuse to believe that I'm related to him in any way

Robin: But you are

Drake: Are we done now?

Joe: No

Drake: More news? *scoffs*

Robin: Because of your ridiculous rude behaviour

Joe: We've decided that you move in with the Bieber's


Joe: You're going we're the more adults here and your legal guardians

Drake: Yeah legal guardians that are liers

Robin: See? This is what we're talking about. You have no self control whatsoever

Joe: You're moving in with them and that's final

Drake: No one is gonna survive in that house, trust me

Robin: Oh well I suggest you learn some respect, you leave tommorrow

Drake: Ha no this isane

Joe: Start packing, whatever we say goes, your flight leaves 3:00am tomorrow, NOW GO

Drake: Watever I hate you all *storms upstairs*

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