This is it, this is the day Justin finally knows the truth

Scooter: *goes downstairs* Is Jeremy here yet?

Pattie: *paces up and down* I'm scared Scooter

Scooter: It will be okay

*doorbell rings*

Scooter: What time is it?

Pattie: *looks at watch* 3:01 *opens door*

Jeremy: Pattie

Pattie: Come in

Jeremy: *walks in* Hey Scooter

Scooter: *nods* Jeremy

Pattie: *closes door and turns to Jeremy* You're late

Jeremy: Its 3:01, relax

Pattie: I said be here by 3:00, what's wrong with you?

Scooter: *coughs* I'll go erm get Justin

I ran upstairs in fear of Pattie and Jeremy somehow eating each other heads off the minute I was gone.

Scooter: *knocks on Justin's door*

Justin: Come in

Scooter: You're needed downstairs immediately

Justin: Okay


Having no idea what I was needed for I slowly made my way downstairs with Scooter following behind with a worried look on his face. My eyes glanced at my dad.


I was on Twitter when my parents called me from downstairs. "Coming!!!" I yelled and ran downstairs.

Joe- Have a seat

Drake- What is this about?

Joe- Sit first

Drake- *sits*


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