*Mariah on NBC*

Richard Engel: *sits across from Mariah* We're here with Mariah Yeater thank you for doing this interview with us

Mariah: Thank you for having me Richard, its a pleasure being here

Richard Engel: You say Justin Bieber molested you?

Mariah: Yes that is correct

Richard Engel: How did you meet Justin?

Mariah: I met him after his concert during his tour

Richard Engel: In San Diego?

Mariah: Yes *nods*

Richard Engel: Where did this incident happen?

Mariah: On his tour bus

Richard Engel: Your friend says in the bathroom is that correct?

Mariah: Yes

Richard Engel: Can you describe to viewers the type of behaviour he displayed

Mariah: It was quiet outside, dark, I waited outside for transportation when Justin appeared without no sign of Scooter but one of his bodyguards was present. He stayed around and we started talking like we've known each other for years and he started flirting with me. Justin then led me unto his tour bus and into the bathroom, he told me it was okay, his behaviour changed and he started acting agressive towards me, very agressive, the security guard watched as the whole thing went down, there was nothing I could have done *starts crying* nothing

Richard Engel: *gives her tissues*

Mariah: *collects tissues and dabs eyes* I'm sorry

Richard Engel: It's okay, and you're saying that 19 year old Justin Bieber got you pregnant

Mariah: Yes

Richard Engel: What do you have to say to his beliebers that are defending him?

Mariah: You guys don't know the truth, you weren't there, Justin Bieber did this to me, he sexually assaulted me and he's the father of my baby

Richard Engel: Thank you once again Mariah for speaking out

Mariah: No problem Richard *sniffs*

Richard Engel: This is Richard Engel reporting from San Diego, California,NBC News

Emily: *shuts off tv* I can't believe this


Emily's mother: Are you sure Justin didn't do something like that to that poor woman

Emily: MOM!!! he didn't do it

Emily's mother: Sweetie stop defending him

Emily's mother doesn't like Justin

Emily: I'm not defending him, he won't do something like that

Emily's mother: It's Justin

Emily: So? There's a bunch of Justin's out there

Emily's mother: What about Justin Bieber, he isn't who you think he is

Emily: Really mom, I know him better than you do and guess what I spent one night with him, just because dad left doesn't give you the opportunity to ruin my life, you want to be feel sorry for yourself, fine by  me but don't drag me into your misery. I love Justin and no one is going to ever take that feeling away, not even you. I'm sick of this, these rumours and all these lies *storms off*

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