To the studio

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Scooter: Change your mind boys?

Justin: I suppose

Kenny: Hey Justin

Justin: Sup?

Kenny: What's he doing here?

Justin: Umm...

Drake: I'm his stepbrother

Kenny: Very funny

Justin: *scratches head* He's erm right *gets in the limousine*

Drake: Don't worry, I don't like it either. Let's roll bodyguard *gets in limousine*

Kenny: Well I.......

Scooter: Let him go

Kenny: Is this true, the stepbrother thing?

Scooter: I'm afraid so, poor child

Kenny: I know

Scooter and Kenny both entered the limousine with Justin and Drake both fighting as usual

Drake: Why are you next to me dweeb?

Justin: I came in first, go sit somewhere else

Drake: No, I'm staying right here

Justin: Fine. Whatever pleases you scumbag

Drake: Being in the same vehicle with you doesn't please me nitwit

Justin: Good to know, then you won't mind if I throw you out the window

Limousine driver: Where to?

Scooter: The studio

Limousine driver: No problem

Kenny: Do you think they noticed that we're in here?

Scooter: Nahhhh let them fight

The limousine drives off

Drake: Try me

Justin: My pleasure

Drake: No dumbass, you can't even hurt a fly

Justin: That's what you think, you're nothing but a punk

Drake: This coming from a 19 year old who drag races

Justin: Seems to me you're jealous?

Drake: *laughs* Jealous of you *scoffs* You got a DUI learn to grow up

Justin: You're so damn lucky that I haven't ripped your head off yet

Drake: It takes skills, skills that you don't have

Justin: Whatever.

The limousine comes to a stop

Scooter: We're here

Kenny: Do I have to escort the peasant in too?

Justin: NO

Drake: YES

Justin: Get your own bodyguard

Drake: You won't want your beloved beliebers knowing the secret now would you?

Justin: You're a disgrace!!!!

Drake: Thanks *smiles*

Kenny: Come on boys let's get you inside

Scooter: *gets out*

Drake&Justin: *gets out*

Kenny: *blocks them from paparrazzi*

Belieber: *yells* Oh my god!!! ITS JUSTIN BIEBER!!!

Crowd: JUSTIN!!! JUSTIN!!! *screams*


Justin: *smiles* You hear that? That douchebag is the sound of my loyal beliebers

Drake: More like droolers *laughs*

Justin: You don't have fans so I suggest you be quiet

Drake: Whatever

Justin: You know I hate to go and leave you like this. Sorry I have music to sing, *laughs* another thing you can't do, step aside and watch how its done *walks into recording studio*

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