It was no other than Jake........

Jake: HEY NEW GUY!!!

Justin: *looks at Jake*

Jake: Come over here for a sec

Did he just invite me to his table? Wow

Erik: You going?

Justin: Let's see what he's up to

Erik: Be careful man

Justin: *gets up and goes over to the jocks table and sits*


What is Justin doing at Jake's table? Wish I had an answer to that

Alicia: Looks like Austin made a new friend

Emily: I don't think so Ali

Alicia: What does Jake want with him then?

Emily: I don't know, I wish I knew

Alicia: You were talking with him by the locker right?

Emily: Jake- Yes but Austin- No

Alicia: Ooo spill

Emily: Well he's sweet and charming

Alicia: What did you talk about?

Emily: Normal stuff

Alicia: Really? Where's the spark?
Emily: The what? *laughs* Don't expect anything

Alicia: Please you two would look perfect together

Emily: *blushes* I guess

Alicia: Oh you know its true

Emily: Shutup Ali

Alicia: *giggles*


The more I was at the table observing Jake and his stupid flock of uncanny followers(his teammates) the more I wanted to stick around

Jake: So new guy

Justin: The name is Austin

Jake: Look Austin, Aussia or whatever your name is, I don't care

Rude much

Jocks: *hoots*

They seriously need to stop hooting its annoying as hell.

Jake: The reason why I called you over here was to find out something

Justin: Okay?

Jake: How well do you know Emily over there *glances at Emily and back at Justin*

Justin: Why does it matter?

Jake: *clenches fist* Just answer the damn question

Justin: Well enough to make sure your pathetic ass stays away from her

Jake: You sure about that Austin?

Justin: Stay away from her

Jake: Well you see I was talking to her earlier and she didn't mention anything to me about a special guy in her life

Justin: *scoffs and gets up*

Jake: Where you going? Scared pussy?

To my dismay eyes from every corner of the room stared at me, I had no idea his voice boomed throughout the entire cafeteria.

Justin: Scared of you? Pfttt no

Jake: Then fight me

Justin: Over her?

Jake: Let's go Aussia

Justin: Its Austin asshole

Jake: You got words *gets up face to face with Justin* but where's the punches? Or are you to pussy to do it?

Justin: *shoves Jake* I'm warning you stay away from her *walks out of the cafeteria*

Jake: *yells after him* THIS ISN'T OVER!!!

*looks around* What are you all looking at? *sits back down*

Alicia: Was that about you?

Emily: Whatever that was its not good

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