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Instagram || J.B by laraistyping
Instagram || J.Bby lara
Copyright Disclaimer © Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act Of 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as; criticism...
  • bieberjustin
  • instagram
  • jarbara
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Unexpected by australianidict
Unexpectedby Irish Love
After his mom slipped out that Justin has a twin brother. Justin does anything in his power to get information about him. What he doesn't know is that his brother has a...
  • family
  • ryanbutler
  • chazsomers
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More Than Just A Nerd (A Justin Bieber Love Story) by LovingBieberXox
More Than Just A Nerd (A Justin Flower Child
its the year 2012. Senior Year for most kids epspecially Justin Bieber. How would justin be treated in school if he had.never went to Atlanta or had the.fame life. youll...
  • teen
  • nolanmurray
  • justinbieberfanfiction
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Welcome Home  by Justybelieb4ever
Welcome Home by Justybelieb4ever
Justin returns home and isn't so used to being a normal family again but is forced to try and accept his new step dad and be a family together but doesn't seem to feel s...
  • pattiemallette
  • abused
  • crying
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Nowhere but up By:Pattie Mallette (Teen edition) by frenybabol
Nowhere but up By:Pattie frenybabol
"When you hit rock bottom,you have nowhere but to go but up," You may know her only as Justin Bieber's mom,but Pattie Mallette has an incredible life story of...
  • jgregory
  • pattiemallette
  • freistine
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from zero to hero {jdb & kj - ig by biebersbabychica
from zero to hero {jdb & kj - igby Biebers #1
she was a nobody who turned into his hero. @justinbieber started following you. ((KYLIE IS NOT FAMOUS FROM THE BEGINNING IN THIS STORY!))
  • haileybaldwin
  • kyliejenner
  • madisonbeer
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My Sworn Enemy Is Now My Stepbrother by JasonMcCanngirl
My Sworn Enemy Is Now My Rushnell
Justin Bieber and Drake Bell have both been known for their careers. Justin- singer- songwriter, Drake- Actor, singer- songwriter, but one of their careers soon went dow...
  • justinbieber
  • chazsomers
  • jeremybieber
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get well soon( a.g/j.b) by cyanbinoo
get well soon( a.g/j.b)by Cyanbino
She woke up in the deep grey sky of the unknown, she once knew who she was and what was once her life. It took only a quick tragedy to have her life be taken from her. F...
  • arianagrande
  • love
  • arianabieber
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J U S T I N by JustinIsMyIdiot
J U S T I Nby Justin Bieber
All about Justin and his life
  • pattiemallette
  • justinbieber
  • belieber
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Texting//Justin Bieber by CeylinBal
Texting//Justin Bieberby Çakıl
Bir şey diyeceğim okuyun bu hikayeyi
  • belieber
  • maggielindemann
  • arianagrande
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Werewolf by jbforever_sl
Werewolfby jbforever_sl
Cerita ini 70% imajinasi outhor, jadi jangan kaget kalau ceritanya agak beda sama history aslinya ya. Karna jujur author juga kurang ngerti soal history werewolf itu sen...
  • teenagers
  • victoriabeckham
  • justinbieber
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Mary goes around - A love story by Minnie_oliver26
Mary goes around - A love storyby Minnie_Oliver
I decided to write this book to show you that our realetionship wasn't that beautiful all the way 'till here. We had some ups and downs. And even some betweens. Nowadays...
  • chazsomers
  • onedirection
  • pattiemallette
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jadєу-ρσσ вιєвєя by -JadeBieber-
jadєу-ρσσ вιєвєяby jαdє вιєвєя
I love you ♡
  • purpose
  • moonlight
  • jeremybieber
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Bizzle Facts by maelan_dziedzic
Bizzle Factsby maelan_dziedzic
Since Wattpad happens to be my notebook right now, and I know how many people like Justin are on Wattpad. I was thinking...hey, there may be some things, they don't know...
  • pattiemallette
  • bizzle
  • jazmynbieber
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Dreams Come True by Kira_Lancaster
Dreams Come Trueby Kira
  • zac
  • justinbieberfanfiction
  • zac-efron
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Secret daughter by ImJustinsItGirl
Secret daughterby Holley Lynn
Being the secret daughter of Scooter and Carin gets lonely, but they eventually let me come on the tour because they miss me. I get to meet pop star Justin Bieber with h...
  • chazsomers
  • ryanbutler
  • justinbieber
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Issues (An adopted by Justin Bieber book) by ConcealedLuh
Issues (An adopted by Justin Bieber's Luhser
Jianna has gone though hell and back. Her life is filled with drama that is caused by her past and her present. One day a guy by the name of,Justin Bieber, comes and tri...
  • scooterbraun
  • anger
  • justinbieber
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