*Second period*

Computer Applications

Justin: Why are we in this class again?

Emily: We? Well for starters WE HAVE THE SAME SCHEDULE

Justin: Calm down damn

Emily: *turns on computer*

Justin: Look I understand you're mad at me for what happened in Biology, it was a mistake Em

Emily: Yeah okay whatever


What I couldn't quite understand was why she was being a pain in the ass over a mistake.

I can never understand girls

Justin: What are we doing again?

Emily: Microtype Pro

Justin: What the fuck is that?

Emily: A computer program to teach you how to type

Justin: Em I.....

Emily: Same schedule remember

Justin: *sighs*

Emily:  You could go to guidance and have them change it for you

Justin: Not happening

Emily: Why?

Justin: Protector remember *winks*

Emily: Right, oh there's Ms Godzyk now

Justin: *snickers*

Emily: *smacks him behind the head*

Justin: Ow what was that for?

Emily: That's not funny

Justin: *laughs* Her name though

Emily: Shhh


Ms Godzyk

Ms Godzyk is the Computer Applications teacher. A plump lady, she wears glasses, I would say she's in her 50's.

Adults never like to tell their ages for some strange reason, I never asked.

Ms Godzyk is funny, really funny and she enjoys teaching, she also teaches Accounts, you know Business subjects. My class is her  favorite.

Justin: Get on with the story and quit talking about Ms Godzyk

Emily: Shutup Justin, I'm telling them the story

Justin: Sureeeeeee

Anyway you guys, read on

Ms Godzyk: Goodmorning!!! How is everyone doing today?

Tyler: *shouts* GOOD MS GODZYK

Ms Godzyk: Tyler are you on Microtype Pro?

Tyler: Yes, Lesson 21

Ms Godzyk: Good, good

I see we have a new student, what's your name handsome

It's funny she called him handsome

Justin: Jealous much

Emily: Stop interrupting geez

Justin: Austin Wilson

Ms Godzyk: Okay Austin let's get you started on Microtype pro *comes over*

How ya doing Emily?

Emily: Good Ms Godzyk *smiles*

Ms Godzyk: Okay we'll start you on Lesson 1, look at Emily's hand positions, put your fingers on the home row keys.........

Ms Godzyk spent time telling Justin about the class and she left us to work to the end of the period

*bell rings*

Justin: That was fun

Emily: See you liked the class

Justin: *smiles*

We were in the hallway, damn it was packed as usual, couples stopping here and there to give a peck on their partner's lips.

This is the shit I hate about this school, the couples. I'm preety much sure its like this at other schools of course I had no one to pair up with- Forever Alone

Enily: Come on we gotta keep moving

Justin: C period: Geometry

Emily: Look at you, knowing your stuff

Justin: But I hate math *groans*

Emily: Awwww

We neared the class except the door was locked ugh she's never hereeee.

Justin: Em where's the teacher? *braces against locker*

Emily: She's never here

Justin: *smirks* I could get use to this

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