The day before tour

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*MId July 2013*

Scooter: Ready Justin? This is it


Justin: *paces up and down*

Drake: He's totally nervous *laughs*

Justin: *stops and glares at Drake* Put yourself in my shoes for once

Drake: Sorry brother, but I would hate to be there

Justin: *scoffs*

Scooter: Knock it off!!!

Justin: He started it

Drake: Sure blame me

Justin: That's cause its always you, immature pig

Drake: Don't even be the one to start calling names

Justin: Or what? You gonna call me out on Twitter like you always do

Drake: You read my mind *smirks*

Pattie: *clears throat*

Justin: Hi mom

Pattie: Don't hi me son, quit fighting with your brother

Justin: *scoffs* He's nothing like me

Drake: Well duhhh you retarded idiot, we're not blood related

Justin: You took away my father asshole

Drake: Its not my fault he couldn't control his hormones

Pattie: *shouts* ENOUGH!!!

Scooter: Uh oh

Pattie: Drake go to your room

Drake: *scoffs* Listen Pattie, I'm not a teenager like your scumbag of a son here, I don't have to

Justin: *chuckles* I suggest you listen to her

Drake: Pathetic *runs upstairs*

Fredo: You two need to learn how to get along

Justin: Trust me, been there bro

Drake: *slams the door*

Justin: I can't wait to be away from all of this but I'll miss my loving mom *hugs Pattie*

Pattie: *hugs Justin back* and my spaghetti

Justin: Yum!!!

Fredo: You'll be fine out there, don't worry

Justin: Thanks, I got my team right here

*doorbell rings*

Justin: I got it *walks to the door and opens it*


Ryan: Hi bro

Fredo: Ryan!!!!

Pattie: Ryan come in son


Okay hint: Take it from me, my mom loves Ryan and Chaz, she treats them like her own, don't take it the wrong way

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