Pattie: Son sit down

Justin: *looks at Pattie* Mom..........

Pattie: Sit!!!

Justin: *sits looking down*

Pattie: Why? *looks at Drake*

Drake: *stays quiet*

Jeremy: Don't you have anything to say for yourself son?

Drake: *doesn't answer*

Scooter: How could you sel? *looks at Selena*

Ryan: Same thing I asked her

Selena: He's *looks at Justin* useless to me

Justin: *stays looking down*

Ryan: How is he even useless, he gave you everything

Selena: That's where you're wrong

Justin: *looks up at Selena* So you decide to screw around with my stupid stepbrother

Drake: *stays silent*

Selena: Oh he's better at it than you

Pattie: Selena!!!

Selena: Yes mother

Pattie: Oh I'm not your mom anymore sweetheart

Selena: But you treat me like one, don't you?

Pattie: Not anymore I don't, I need air *gets up and looks at Jeremy* Coming?

Jeremy: *clears throat* Why not? I don't know what to say to all of this

Ryan: It had to come out sooner or later

Pattie: Thanks Ryan for making sure we knew about it

Ryan: No problem, I always look out for Justin

Pattie: *leaves*

Jeremy: *follows behind Pattie and closes the door* So *looks at Pattie* What do you think about all of this?

Pattie: Your son is out of control

Jeremy: He'll learn Pattie

Pattie: But when? He's nothing but trouble

Jeremy: Oh really? What about Selena?

Pattie: Well........

Jeremy: Exactly, Drake is not at stake alone here

Pattie: I want him out of my house

Jeremy: What?

Pattie: You heard me

Jeremy: He can't return back home without his behavior changing

Pattie: He's doing nothing to improve it, what do you want me to do

Jeremy: Sit back and let Justin and Drake solve things

Pattie: Like that is going to work, you know how stubborn Drake is

Jeremy: Yeah they're both my sons and they're going to figure this out

Pattie: Well Jeremy Bieber let's hope you're right

*Meanwhile inside*

Scooter: Well this is crazy

Fredo: Tell me about it, Drake you got a lot of explaining to do

Drake: *stays quiet*

Scooter: Well uhm I got this thing I got to do *nods at Fredo*

Fredo: So do I *chuckles* Good luck *runs upstairs*

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