*At the hospital*


The whole group showed up to see me each with different gifts except for Selena- of course being the mean bitch she is but who cares

Jealousy is misery's company

Well you get the jist

Nurse: You have visitors

Ryan: *barges in* Em!!!! Are you okay? *hugs her*

Emily: I'm fine Ry *hugs him back*

Drake: Oh my god we're in a hospital

Ryan: Does it matter?

Drake: You look like a tint up dinosaur

Chaz: *laughs*

Drake: Looks like blondie #2 crossed over

Ryan: Ooo where? To the other side? How smashing asshole

Justin: Guys please

Ryan: Anyway Em here you go * hands her a soft brown bear*

Emily: Aw thank you

Ryan: You're welcome *steps back*

Drake: Move out of my way *shoves Ryan aside*

Ryan: *looks at Justin* You saw that right?

Justi: Don't get me involved in your tom foolery

Drake: This is 2013, not 1862

Selena: Oh good god, the sooner this visit is over the better

Justin: That's rude

Selena: Sorry Justy

One question: WHY IS SHE KISSING UP TO HIM? I swear I hate her with everything I have ugh she makes me sick, like major sick.

Drake: Here I got you this *hands her a card*

Emily: Thank you, I'll make sure to read it

Drake: *steps back*

Chaz: *steps forward* Stretch out your hand will ya

Emily: *smiles and stretches out my hand*

Chaz got me  a bracelet, its beautiful

Justin: How much you payed for that bro?

Chaz: A lot

Justin: You didn't have to spend a lot on her

Chaz: Its cool, I wanted to

Justin: Alright man

Chaz: *steps back*

Selena: *steps forward* For the record I got you nothing *poses*

Emily: I really don't care now get out of my face

Ryan: DAMNNNN!!!

Drake: *laughs*

Justin: Why do I even try?

Nurse: *shows up at the door* Visiting time is over

Selena: About time. See you at home Justy *flips hair and walks out*

Emily: Can I slap her when I get home?

Chaz: I'll do it for you

Emily&Justin: NO!!!

Chaz: *chuckles* Bye Em

Ryan: Bye Em

Drake: Justin you coming?

Justin: No I'll stay with her

Drake: Bye Emily

My visitors left and it was just me and Justin

Justin: Are you hungry?

Emily: Yes

Justin: I'll get you food

Emily: Whatever you don't get me hospital food its disgusting

Justin: Alright *gets up smirking*

Emily: I'm seriousss

Justin: Alright geez

Within minutes Justin came back with food that he bought. I was done eating when he broke the insane news to me

Justin: Em?

Emily: Yes juju?

Justin: When you get out you're going back to school

Emily: WHAT!!! No not that horrible place

Justin: I know its horrible, but you have to do this

Emily: *sighs*

Justin: Don't worry I'll be right by your side

Emily: What do you mean?

Justin: I'm going to high school

Emily: WHAT!!!

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