Justin: I'm telling you this is insane

Drake: You're the one that handed me the phone

Justin: You're the one that are making them come  over

Drake: You know you should be  thanking me

Justin: I already did!!!

Drake: Besides Emily is still mad at you

Justin: Your point is?

Drake: Figure it out

Ryan: *walks in with bags*

Chaz: *follows behind*


There she was standing in the doorway, I couldn't bear to look at her but to no avail I ended up staring at her as she did the same stuck like a statue in the doorway as she kicked the door closed behind her.

Ryan: Why are these bags too heavy?

Drake:  There's probably bricks in there

Emily: Shutup

Drake: *laughs*

Emily: I already chose a room

Ryan: Let's go then

Emily: *heads upstairs*

Justin: *looks at Ryan and Chaz* Do you know where your rooms are?

Chaz: Dude we know this house inside out. Of course

Justin: Alright

Ryan&Chaz: *goes upstairs with bags and throws them into the room*

Chaz: *unpacks*

Ryan: *spots Emily and peeks  in her room* You okay Em?

Emily: Yeah I'm fine Ry

Ryan: Are you sure?

Emily: Yes don't worry

Selena: *closes door* Can one of you nitwits help me?

Justin: Sure *helps Selena with her bags*

Drake: Of course my little stepbrother had to swoop in

Justin: Try being a gentleman for once *winks and walks upstairs*

Selena: *looks at Drake* Where's everyone?

Drake: Upstairs settling in, you should be doing the same

Selena: I just got here

Drake: That's no excuse

Selena: Watever *goes upstairs*

Justin: What took you so long?

Selena: Not exactly comfortable when you have to walk up a bunch of stairs

Justin: Come on *takes her down the hall*

Selena: *enters room* Why am I way down here?

Justin: You didn't want to be near Emily so here you go

Selena: Thanks *smiles*

Justin: You're welcome *turns to leave*

Selena: Justin?

Justin: Yeah?

Selena: I still love you

Justin: I know *smiles and leaves the room*

Selena: *unpacks*

Everyone was settling in fine one behind the other they came downstairs

3 Best friends, 4 Enemies, 1 Belieber, 1 Ex girlfriend, 1 Stepbrother, 6 people under one roof- Justin Bieber

What's the worse that could happen?

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