Second chances

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*1 month after*

I believe everyone deserves a second chance but I'm not sure that's the case with Selena and Emily.

Emily probably hates me

Selena still loves me, but how do I know she won't hurt me again?

Like I said life comes with challenges

"What if Emily hates me?"

"She doesn't hate you, she's your belieber"

"Yeah sure, like it wasn't a mistake having all of them in the same house"

"Then invite them back, all of them"

"That isn't a good idea"

"Sure it is"

"It isn't"

"Everyone deserves to make things right"

"With Em and Sel that's all impossible"

"Nothing is impossible"

"Just do it"

Drake: *barges in Justin's room* Justin?

Justin: For the love of God would you flipping knock for once

Drake: My bad, enough with the knocking crap, I came to tell you to invite them back

Justin: What? You don't even like Emily and you hate Ryan

Drake: We could make ammends

Justin: Me and Emily aren't on speaking terms right now

Drake: Then do something fast

Justin: What has gotten into you?

Drake: Nothing its just the two of us in the house from now, it would be good to have friends around and um enemies

Justin: Aren't you going back to Cali?

Drake: No, I'm sticking around

Justin: Great

Drake: Come on

Justin: Its impossible

Drake: Phone?

Justin: What are you going to do?

Drake: Let the expert handle this

Justin: Uhm

Drake: *calls Emily*

Emily: *answers* Justin I don't want to talk to you

Drake: Its Drake

Emily: What do you want? Why do you have Justin's phone?

Drake: Well I was wondering if you can stay with us

Emily: Hell no!!!

Drake: Believe it or not Justin needs you

Emily: He loves Selena

Drake: I know how you feel, Selena broke up with me

Emily: Great everyone is happy

Drake: Not Justin

Emily: So what do you want me to do?

Drake: Stay with us, the house is huge its just me and Justin now

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