Eyes glared at me as though I was talking to myself

Justin: I asked a question

Selena: She started it

Justin: Don't come to me with crap, you started it obviously, you always want to be the one in control

Selena: How much of it did you hear?

Justin: Oh, enough to hear that you thought I slept with her

Emily: She pratically accused me

Ryan: True she did

Drake: No one asked you to intervene blondie

Ryan: Aw the douchebag knows big words

Drake: Shut the fuck up

Ryan: How about you make me pervert

Justin: Even if I did sleep with her what would you have done uh? Let me guess report her to TMZ

Selena: *scoffs*

Justin: Truth be told Sel, blackmail doesn't always work

Emily: She blackmailed you? Wow you must have been really, really, really desperate *glares at Selena smiling*

Selena: You bitch

Emily: *walks over to her*

Selena: *glares at Emily*

Emily: *whispers in her ear* Mark my words bitch, you do anything to over step me again, I will hang you by your long, soft brown hair and make you wish you were never born and apologize to me with your very last breath

*walks off brushing past Justin*

Selena: *sits down appauled*

Drake: You okay baby?

Selena: Don't

Chaz: Juice anyone?

Justin: *finds Emily in my room*

What was that all about?

Emily: Nothing

Justin: Nothing, wow is that it?

Emily: Look if you invited to a sleepover where I have to see that thing downstairs then here I am, if you can't handle this then you should probably call Kenny to take me back home

Justin: No, I can handle this

Emily: Good, I promise you if Selena crosses me again I will make her life a living hell

Justin: Em you don't know her like I do

Emily: You're right, I don't, you dated her

Justin: She's.....

Emily: She used you dammit

Justin: Maybe I was stupid to see that but....

Emily: But you still love her

Justin: Em....

Emily: No its fine here I am in your room, just last night you were cuddling me and now I'm standing before you and you're telling me you still love her. Open your eyes *grabs towel* she would take you back in a heartbeat, that Mariah Yeater scandal is still out there its gotten worse, maybe I was wrong about you, maybe I truly saw you as just a normal person for two nights at least and maybe I was wrong to defend you all these years *walks into the shower, takes off his boxers and throws it outside*

The boxer landed on Justin's face

Justin: * mumbles*

Great!!!! *walks out of the room and slams the door*

*meanwhile downstairs*

Drake: What's wrong with you?

Selena: Nothing

Drake: Everything is every girl's answer, what are you not telling me

Selena: I can't anymore Drake

Drake: Cause of Justin right?

Selena: I love him, nothing will change that its over, I'm leaving

Justin: *appears* No you're not

Selena: *looks at Justin*

Ryan: *whispers* Hey man what are you doing?

Justin: Stay, please

Selena: You heard your girlfriend

Justin: *sighs* She is not my girlfriend

Chaz: *looks at Twitter* Uhm bro

Justin: What?

Chaz: You might have a problem

Justin: What problem are we talking about?

Ryan: Mariah

Justin: She's back?

Ryan: Oh yeah, way worse


Emily was right

*phone rings*

Justin: *answers* Scooter what's up?

Scooter: Matt called

Justin: Who?

Scooter: Matt from the Today Show

Justin: What does he want

Scooter: Sorry to ruin your sleepover, me, fredo and kenny we're on our way back, stay put *hangs up*

Emily was already sitting next to Ryan and Chaz this time in her own clothes that she came with

Justin: Sleepover is over

Chaz: Oh man

Emily: Why?

Justin: Mariah, and before you say anything, yeah yeah you told me so, Scooter is coming back to deal with this I guess

Ryan you got your car right?

Ryan: Yeah

Justin: Take Emily home

Emily: What?

Justin: Isn't this what you want, Go!!!

Emily: *leaves with Ryan and Chaz*

Justin: *looks at Selena* Go home when this blows over you're welcome to come back

Selena: I won't be needing to

Justin: Oh right *looks at Drake*

Selena: See you around bye Drake *leaves*

Drake: ........

Justin: Stay here

Drake: Okay

Justin: I'm sorry man

Drake: If destiny keeps putting you two together then so be it

Justin: Destiny? Drake I'm not going back to her

Drake: We'll see what happens, you still love her, she loves you, it takes two to form a relationship, we will see brother, we will

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