San Diego California

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Scooter: Justin!!!

Justin: *groans* Yes Scoot?

Scooter: We're almost there

Justin: Yes San Diego baby

Scooter: Get ready!!!

Justin: Alright, I hear you

Justin got himself ready for the next tour, this time his outfit was both white and red

Justin: *walks out*

Fredo: Ayeee looking swaggy as usual

Justin: *winks* You know it

Scooter: Justin pull up your pants

Justin: *groans* Scooter!!!

Scooter: Pull them up

Justin: You sound like my mom

Scooter: *laughs* I'm your manager not your mom

Justin: *smiles and sits next to fredo* What's up buddy

Fredo: Enjoying the ride

Justin: Where's the dancers?

Scooter: In the second bus behind us silly

Justin: Oh right *grins*

Fredo: Which kind of guy doesn't know where his dancers are

Justin: Puhleaseee *smiles*

Scooter: I see that moustache coming along

Justin: His name is Rick

Fredo: My fredobeliebers gave it a name

Scooter: I know that already *laughs*

Justin: Sorry bro but they're mine

Fredo: Just like the girl that you met out of the studio was yours

Justin: Oh you're talking about Emily

Scooter: *chuckles* You even remember her name

Fredo: Hmmm  that has me thinking now, how long have you been thinking about her Justin?

Justin: No comment

Fredo: I mean seriously, how long? 2 months? 3 months? Was it hard to forget about her?

Justin: What will it take for you guys to leave me alone

Fredo: Teasing you isn't that bad

Scooter: He's actually right

Justin: *grins*

Fredo: How long man?

Justin: Fine, I'll tell you, since we left that studio

Fredo: Oooo didn't you follow her though?

Justin: Yeah

Fredo: Nice man then what are you wiating for?

Justin: I don't know

Fredo: Go get her!!!

Scooter: She seems better than Selena

Justin: *sighs*

Fredo: You got over her right?

Justin: Yes

Scooter: Good

Justin: *sings* Why you gotta be so rude

Fredo: It's Scooter bro *laughs*

Scooter: Ayeeee

Kenny: Guys quit talking about Selener we're here at the Valley View Casino Center

Fredo: What a long ass name?

Justin: Both of you are so mean like damn

Fredo: It all comes with the business

Scooter: *laughs*

Kenny: *pulls into the back of the arena*

Justin, Scooter and Fredo came out of the bus,, Kenny appeared beside them, and the dancers rushed out of the bus behind

Justin: *looks at the dancers* You guys ready?

Dancers: Yesss!!!

Elysandra: But Justin we're early *smiles*

Justin: No worries

Scooter: You guys can rehearse

Fredo: Good suggestion

Justin: Let's go guys

Dancers: *runs into the arena*

Justin: Hey Fredo don't scream at the crew again

Fredo: *laughs*

Scooter: I'll keep an eye on him

Justin: Alright *walks into the arena*

Nick: Hey Justin, you ready.?

Justin: Sure *puts on Be Alright*

Places guys

For approximately two hours Justin and the dancers, rehearsed Be Alright, Believe and One Less Lonely Girl making sure everything was perfect

Nick: We got this man

Justin: Thanks for making this possible

Nick: No problem bro

Justin: Let's go out there and have fun

Dancers: *shouts*



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