I've been relaxing for a good while, its time I got back to music, doing what I love but with Drake here anything stupid can happen

Scooter: Come on Justin let's go, there's no time to waste

Justin: I'm coming geez *runs downstairs*

Drake: Don't you have any shirts? You're embarassing yourself

Justin: My dear stupid stepbrother I have abs and you don't, Try again

Scooter: Don't start

Drake: Where are you guys going?

Justin: None of your business

Scooter: To the studio

Drake: Okay

Scooter: Come on Justin let's go

Pattie: Take Drake with you

Justin: Mom come on

Drake: Why do I have to go?

Pattie: You could learn a few things

Justin: *chuckles*

Drake: What's that suppose to mean?

Justin: It means you're talentless *laughs*

Scooter: Justin that's mean

Justin: He called me artless

Drake: That's cause you are

Justin: How about you shut the hell up

Drake: Make me beaver

Scooter: LET'S GO

Drake: I'm not going in the same vehicle with him

Justin: Me neither

Scooter: Perfect it will just be me and Kenny, both of you can stay out on the road *walks out*

Justin: *runs out* Scooter wait I'm coming

Pattie: You better go

Drake: *scoffs* I hate this *pulls up hoodie and walks out*

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