The San Diego Meet and Greet went smoothly, Justin smiling while taking pictures with his amazing beliebers and of course Fredo on the sideline making sure everything went great.

As for the show the dancers performed with Justin on stage, not forgetting the OLLG but little did Justin know there was one belieber in the crowd about to make his whole world turn upside down

Mariah Yeater is her name

Friend: *texts Mariah* How is the concert?

Mariah: texts back* It's great, Justin is so hot omg

Friend: Girl you're so lucky, have fun out there

Mariah: I have an idea

Friend: Like what?

Mariah: I'm about to create the biggest scandal ever

Friend: Do you think that's a good idea?

Mariah: Are you kidding me? It will make him finally notice me

Friend: Don't do anything stupid

Mariah: You'll see what I'm about to do, Text you when it's done *videos Justin on stage*

The San Diego concert was finally over but Mariah had other plans

Mariah: *walks out of concert researching photos of a kid that looks like Justin*

*Meanwhile in L.A.*


Justin is my best friend, its my duty to look out for him especially when he has a sneaky stepbrother lurking around doing god knows what in his house, his concert was in San Diego, I decided to check up on Drake as he asked me to.

Ryan: *walks up to the Bieber household and rings the doorbell*

??: Drake someone is here

Drake: That's impossible

??: What should I do?

Drake: Hide

??: No dumbass, I thought you were the smart one

Drake: I am though *chuckles*

??: *chuckles* Go get the door, it could be the neighbour

Drake: Sure *chuckles and wraps towel around my waist*

??: *grabs robe* Come on let's go

Drake:  What? No you're not going anywhere looking like that

??: I'm in a robe chill *knudges Drake and runs downstairs*

Drake: *yells* GET BACK HERE!!! *laughs and runs after her*

??: *runs to the door giggling* I assure you its just the neighbour *opens the door*


Selena: RYAN?



Mariah: *selects photo and tweets it out* Justin Bieber molested me on his tour bus and this is his baby.

Mariah Yeater is one of those people with over 1,000 twitter followers . The first person that caught sight of the tweet was TMZ

Friend: *calls Mariah* What on earth are you doing? I saw the tweet

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