I went upstairs packing my bags to move in with the *scoffs* Biebers. Can't believe they're doing this to me its ridiculous no one will survive. I slowly made my way downstairs with suitcases in my hand

Joe: Well this is it

Drake: I guess

Robin: You'll be fine stay out of trouble

Drake: Can't promise you that its Bieber we're talking about. Bye

Joe&Robin: Take care of yourself

I lifted my bags into the taxi and headed to the airport, it was a long drive, I fell asleep until the car came to a stop


Jeremy: What's going on Pattie?

Pattie: I don't know

Jeremy: Honest answer

Pattie: We have differences okay

Jeremy: That can be fixed

Pattie: I know but its too soon

Jeremy: Okay

Pattie: I'm sorry I said Justin is my son only

Jeremy: It's okay, we were both upset about this situation, I made a mistake I should have never done

Pattie: Yeah a really stupid mistake

Jeremy: SHIT!!!

I walked into the house upon seeing my mother and father still sitting

Justin: What's going on?

Jeremy: We got to talking

Justin: Then get back together

Pattie: We both know that's not gonna happen

Justin: Why  not just tell me why?

Pattie: As parents we know this is hard for you, we're sorry, sometimes son things happen for a reason

Justin: Nice knowing. I'll be upstairs *runs upstairs*



I got to the airport but when it was time to check in it was all hell

Woman: Welcome to American Airlines.  Name please?

Drake: Drake Bell

Woman: Passport please?

Drake: *slides passport on the desk*

Woman: *checks it and starts typing on the compuiter*

Drake: What's taking so long?

Woman: Be patient sir

Drake: Do you know who I am? I'm Drake Bell from nickelodeon Drake and Josh

Woman: Oh so you're a movie star?

Drake: Duhhh didn't you just here me say I starred in a show

Woman: Oh well nobody cares I certaintly don't, you're just like everyone else here *looks at the long line of people and gives him his passport* Please put your bags up here so I can weigh them

Drake: *puts first bag on the scale*

Woman: Hm

Drake: What now?

Woman: *types on computer* please take it down* put the next one on please sir

Drake: The name is Drake

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