Scooter: Hey boys

Justin&Drake: Ayeeee

Justin: What the hell?

Drake: What?

Justin: You stole my word

Drake: Puhleaseee did you invent it? No I don't think so

Scooter: Now let's not fight

Drake: Who says anything about fighting

Justin: *shrugs*

Scooter: So you guys are actually getting along fine

Drake: Duhhh

Fredo: Really? *walks in the living room*

Drake: Where the hell do you pop up from?

Fredo: Got a problem?

Drake: Nahhh man

Justin: I wasn't done with you Drake

Drake: Oh enlighten me then

Justin: *chuckles* It's just that *laughs*

Drake: Out with it man

Justin: It's just that when someone says Ayeee I have the habit of responding with *gets interrupted*

Fredo: Idk man I'm Canadian

Justin: Uhm thanks bro

Drake: All of you are weird

Justin: So are you *laughs*

Drake: Right, you say the weirdest things ever

Justin: Come on don't be jealous

Drake: *scoffs*


*text messages with Emily*

"Hi Emily"

"Hi Justin, what's up*

"Chilling with Drake, Fredo and Scooter"

"Ew Drake lol, say hi to Fredo and Scooter for me"

*looks at Scooter and Fredo* Yo Emily said tell you guys hi

Drake: What about me?

Justin: Get the memo she doesn't like you *laughs*

Drake: Nitwit

Justin" *laughs*

Scooter&Fredo: Hi Emily

Justin: *continues texting Emily*

*They said hi and Drake called me a nitwit"

"Aw I'll kick his ass for you lol"

"You're funny"


"Yeah you are lol, but yeah you could kick his ass on Saturday lol"

"Great, speaking about saturday, I can't wait to see you"

"Can't wait to see you too"

"We're gonna have a lot of fun, trust me"

"I know we will"


"I'll text u tomorrow, my mom is so annoying ugh"

"It's okay sweetie"

"Bye Justin"

"Bye Emily"

*looks up from phone*

Drake: Is Emmy gone?

Justin: Emmy? Back off damn

Drake: She's not yours yet so I can call her what I want

Justin: You have Selena chill

Drake: *smirks*

Justin: Speaking of her, where is she?

Drake: Home

Justin: She's always here though, are you sure she's home?

Drake: What are you talking about?

Justin: She's probably screwing around

Drake: The fuck

Justin: I'm just saying, I know her better than  you do

Drake: Of course

Scooter: Have you told Emily about the sleepover

Justin: Uhm.....

Drake: You haven't oh my gosh

Justin: Shutup

Fredo: Bro you should tell her

Drake: Ohh I get it you're scared of having her in the same house with me and Sel

Justin: *sarcastic* Wow you're that smart

Fredo: *laughs*

Justin: We'll see what happens

Drake: Watever, the countdown to operation sleepover hell begins

Justin: It's not gonna be hell shutup

Drake: We'll see Justin, we'll see

I haven't told Emily about the sleepover, I don't think I should, she hates Drake and Selena, I just hope everything goes well

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