*5 months later*

Pattie: Goodmorning boys

Both Drake&Justin: Goodmorning mom

Justin: Really dude?

Drake: Really *chuckles*

Justin: Mom I made you breakfast

Pattie: That's nice of you sweetie but I gotta run

Justin: Oh man who's gonna eat all of this food?

Drake: *yells and gets up* I VOLUNTEER!!!

Justin: Sit your ass down

Pattie: Now boys behave.

Justin: We will *smiles* Bye

Drake: Bye

Pattie: Bye you two *walks out and closes door*

Drake: *sits* are you gonna eat that? *looks at Pattie's plate*

Justin: No *sets the plate infront of him* You may be my stepbrother but dang you can eat

Drake: *chuckles* It's my speciality

Justin: Like I didn't know, you empty out the fridge in a day

Drake: Stop lieing, you take over the couch and the tv and the workout area

Justin: Yeah that's how I get these babies

Drake: You're funny Bieber

Justin: You're funny yourself Bell

Drake: *eats* Nice job on Believe Album, no kidding

Justin: You like it?

Drake: Yeah honestly *throws plate in the sink*

Justin: Thanks man, you're a fast eater too

Drake: Oh shuduppp

Justin: I would love to *laughs*

Drake: *laughs* You're an idiot

Justin: *laughs* Are you gonna go yet?

Drake: You know what bro, I'll stick around

Justin: Really?

Drake: Yeah, I need someone to torment, you're cool

Justin: You are too, if you're staying it means you're gonna come on Believe tour with me

Drake: *groans* Beliebers

Justin: Think about the girls

Drake: Justin, I'm your enemy remember

Justin: Not anymore, come on its gonna be fun

Drake: We gotta tell the fans

Justin: Fine only if you come on tour

Drake: Fine, I'm in *smirks*

Justin: Perfect let's tell Beliebers and Drakesters who we really are

Drake: Don't we need consent first?

Justin: I guess, I'll ask my dad

Drake: *looks at Justin and raises eyebrows*

Justin: I mean our dad *chuckles and calls dad and puts him on speaker*

Jeremy: *over speaker* Justin?

Justin: Hi Dad, I have a request...........

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