Emily: *barges into the house*

Drake: *looks at Emily* Hi

Justin: *barges in and slams the door yelling* EMILY WAIT!!!

Drake: Hi to you too *looks at Justin*

Selena: *comes out* I heard yelling

Drake: Its Justin

Selena: What's going on?

Drake: How should I know?

Justin: EMILY!!! *grabs her by the hand*

Emily: What Justin? *turns facing  him*

Justin: I'm sorry

Emily: Don't even...... *pulls away*

Justin: What the hell do you want from me?

Emily: Nothing

Justin: Then why are you acting like  such a bitch

Emily: A bitch? *scoffs* A bitch?

Justin: Yeah a bitch

Emily: You go around saying lies about Jake

Ryan: *whispers* Who's Jake?

Drake: I don't know

Selena: Hey guys *flips hair and sits with popcorn*

Ryan: You're kidding me  right?

Selena: What? *stuffs face with popcorn*

Justin: He's not who you think he is Emily

Emily: Oh really? You only bump into him one day, in one day. I know him since freshman year

Justin: Uhm that was last year

Emily: My point is you don't know him

Justin: My point is  he's an asshole

Emily: Why do you even care?

Justin: *yells* You think I want what happened to you to happen again

Emily: You're just jealous

Justin: Jealous of what?

Emily: Him

Justin: *chuckles sarcastically* I'm trying to protect you

Emily: Then stop doing it

Justin: You're in danger

Emily: Ooooo scary

Justin: You're not taking me seriously so fuck this shit. Don't expect me to show up to classes tomorrow, I'll get new classes, get a new guide, sit at a different table *walks to the stairs*

Ryan: STOP!!!!

Justin&Emily: *looks at Ryan*

Selena: Why would you stop them?
Ryan: Cause I hate seeing them fight

Justin: You want to stay unprotected, fine. I'll be out of your way, whatever happens to you happens *runs upstairs to my room and slams the door*

Selena: *goes up to Emily eating popcorn* Way to go bitch *walks away*

Emily: *scoffs*

Selena: 1

*next morning*

Justin: Morning late for school *rushes out*

Drake: Don't you want to know where Emily is?

Justin: Don't care *drives off*



I arrived early, strange. I saw no sign of Em, I quickly made my way to guidance and made changes to my subjects. I only had one class with her now- U.S. history

I talked to her about a guide also. His name is Erik Anderson.

Erik Anderson

He's captain of the school's soccer team, blonde hair, blue eyes, extremely kind and a sophomore. We became friends instantly

With little to do we lurked in the hallways and there she was with him:


Justin: *stares at Jake*

Erik: What's going on?

Justin: Uh?

Erik: You got this weird look in your eyes towards him

Justin: He's a jerk

Eric: Tell me about it. Who's the chick he's talking to? You seem to have an interest in her

Justin: She's an uhm *scratches head* a friend

Eric: Sureee

Justin: She is man

Emily: *closes locker and looks at Jake* See you around

Jake: See you around Em *winks*


Emily: *looks at Justin and walks away*

Erik: Damn, come on let's go the bell is going to ring soon

I headed to the cafeteria with Erik and sat at his table. The jocks of course at the center of attention. I was about to take a bite of the pizza infront of me when:

??: HEY YOU *looks at Justin*

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