I slammed my door and flopped face down on my bed thinking my friendship was ruined with Ryan all because of stupid Drake. I've been best friends with him since forever. Everything was still and quiet until an unexpected visitor entered my head

"Get up and fight that brother of yours"

"Go away"

"You can't get rid of me Justin, I'm your conscience remember"



"What do you want?"

"I'm here to help"

"That's what I wish everyone would stop doing, helping me, go away"


"Why not?"

"Like I said, I'm here to help"

"I don't need it"

"Really? Looks like you lost one best friend"


"You could lose another one"


"And your beliebers. Hm you haven't told them anything yet"


"You have to make me Justin"

"Fine, really what do you want? Leave my head"

"Make up with Ryan"

"He needs time"

"Soon you're going to lose Chaz, think about it"


"Then throw Drake out of your house, problem solved"

"He's my brother"

"A brother that creates mess"

"You do have a point"

"See I work wonders"

"You're in my head" *lays upward* "That's all it is

"Are you sure?"

"Why am I talking to my own conscience, this is weird"

"Cause I'm you, Justin, I'm apart of who you are"

"What are you talking about?"


"You're what?"


"Tell me"


Drake: Hi brother

Justin: Don't you know how to knock?

Drake: But I'm the bad guy remember

Justin: It's not cool to just barge in so get out

Drake: I'm not doing anything to please you

Justin: Get out!!!

Drake: I came to make a proposition

Justin: Oh please

Drake: Let's tell our fans that we're stepbrothers

Justin: It's not a game Drake, so get the hell out of my room

Drake: Alright watever you say brother *walks out and closes the door*

"Part of me, where are you"


"Are you still there?"


"Come on, where are you?"


"I need answers, dammit, answer"


"Fine, good riddance"

My whole world just keeps crashing down on me, my parents, my stupid dickhead of a stepbrother, my parents, my beliebers, my secret, my brother and sister, my best friend and now my conscience, I was close to knowing something and Drake just had to ruin it again. It's always Drake, Drake, Drake, he ruins every thing and I just don't know what to do anymore. Will my conscience ever be back again? That's a question that I will never have an answer to

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