This was my lost shot, she could be waking up sooner than I thought. If  I had to confess how I feel about her, it would be now.

I pulled a chair near to her bedside

Justin: Hi again Em, I know somewhere in there, there's still hope *looks at Emily* This is hard for me to explain, it would be better if I put all my feelings out there into a song, but here goes

I tried to save you, I went out of my way to do just about anything to keep you safe, to protect you but I failed, I didn't mean to. Remember that night when we met outside the studio? and it was time for me to leave? I didn't want to, I wanted to stay and be there with you, to hold you in my arms once more. From that day onwards I never stopped thinking about you, even when I went on tour you were on my mind. When I'm with you I can't help but smile, or laugh, or be happy. I may still love Selena but trust me on this one you mean more to me than you know and if you go, I go. I needed to find happiness again and you were that. You are my pride and joy.

Truth is Em, Im in love with you, hard to believe but I do and you can't do this to me, don't leave me now. I need you.

 The monitor beats faster

In order to get her to wake up, I had to say something stronger than love, I tried a song

Justin: *sings*  Nothing Like Us

Come on Em, I need you dammit wake up *punches wall*

Minutes passed, I heard a gasp

Justin: *turns around and goes to Emily*

Her eyes were slightly opened.

Justin: Em!!! thank god you're awake

Emily: Do I-I know y-o-u?

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