Drake: I'll get it *gets up and answers the door*


Justin: What? *turns around*

Selena: Well, well if it isn't Drake Bell, aren't you going to invite me in?

Drake: Please, please come in *steps aside*

Selena: *walks in*

Drake: *closes door*

Selena: Hi Justin

Justin: What are you doing here?

Selena: You hanged up on me

Justin: So you came all the way over here. Damn you're desperate

Selena: Do you really want to call me that infront of him *looks at Drake*

Justin: Uhm Drake, I think you should go upstairs. I need to have a word with Selena *stares Selena down*

Drake: Are you sure?

Justin: Just go!!!

Drake: *takes phone off of the couch and runs upstairs*

Selena: Now its just me and you Justy *smirks*

Justin: What part of "its over" don't you not get

Selena: You know you still love me

Justin: *scoffs*

Selena: It's true

Justin: What ever did I see in you

Selena: A lot *gets closer to Justin*

Justin: *steps back* don't. You blackmailed me. How could you?

Selena: I have every right 

Justin: I gave you everything. What's wrong with you?

Selena: Nothing

Justin: Doesn't seem so

Selena: Don't worry, I'll have TMZ knowing your secret before you can even count to three

Justin: You won't dare

Selena: Try me!!! Looks like you two are getting along just fine

Justin: Mind your own business

Selena: Remember I was a part of your business honey, until you shut me out

Justin: It was for the best

Selena: B.S. It was all about your beliebers

Justin: It was always about them

Selena: Screw you

Justin: Gladly

Drake: *comes back downstairs* Is everything okay?

Justin: Yeah, selena was just leaving

Selena: The hell I'm not

Drake: *sighs* What do you want Selena?

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