Hey guys Ryan Butler here- Justin's best friend. Its Friday here in L.A. and its way too tense in the Bieber household

Me and Drake fight constantly

Selena and Emily are always up against each other

Justin and Emily are still not talking

Well Chaz..... he gets along with everyone


Hey guys its me Justin's stepbrother, the guy you all preety much hate, guess what? I don't care anywayyyyy Justin and Emily are still not talking, all I want is for the guy to be happy, not going around the school fighting jocks to protect some girl who obviously doesn't give a shit about him


Hey everyone its me the girl you can't stand or get rid of. Justin and Emily aren't on speaking terms. I actually like this, the more they fight, the better, I'll be back in Justin's arms in no time.


Hey beliebers or readers, cause you don't have to be a belieber to read this book. You all know me as Justin's best friend, well I am actually. I'm the only normal person in the house, I get along well with everyone including Drake, he's a real pain in the ass sometimes, shh you didn't hear it from me


Hey readers, like most of you, I'm a belieber just like you. The girl Justin vows to protect at all costs and so far its just ugly results. Selena won't get off my back. My god!!! She's a pest I swear, that girl has no manners. Drake is wrong, I care about Justin, just sometimes he can be quite obnoxious. Drake has egun to show his caring side towards me, strange but in a way, I like it and if you're asking about Jake, I like the guy he's so dreamy and sweet, I could go on forever but we'll see what happens.


Ayee its me Justin- swaggy. You all know I live with a mixture of people by now- Vampires, Werewolves, Warlocks and finally Witches. Just kidding!!!

I live with my ex, stepbrother, belieber and best friends, they are way better than those supernatural beings that I just mentioned.

What can I say about high school? Well being a standarised hero isn't easy, there's always someone in your way. That someone is Jake- who I would call "the so called villain". I'm going to extreme lengths to protect Emily despite the silent treatment between us right now, the girl almost got raped because of me, I take fault for her unseen actions, I'm the one that takes the blame. You see the thing is Jake is a very dangerous guy Emily doesn't know it but I do not forgetting he has a huge party tomorrow, I highly doubt the bastard will invite me, who cares though I'm going to show up anyway and by all means Jake isn't going to get what he wants. Its been 3 days and he already started shit with me. Looks like I obtained a new enemy "The dangerous quarterback"

Emily didn't give up on me when I did some preety stupid stuff, so why should I give up on her?

*In school by the lockers*

Jake: *walks up to Emily* Hi beautiful

Emily: *jumps* Jake you have got to stop doing that *smiles*

Jake: I'm sorry for scaring you again

Emily: It's okay *smiles*

Jake: *smiles*

Emily: So what's up?

Jake: Oh right, I almost forgot. I'm throwing this huge party tomorrow at my house, I would like you and Alicia to be there. So Emily Alvarez will you come to my party?
Emily: I would be delighted

Jake: Great, be there by 8. *winks and walks away*

Emily: *squeals, closes locker and walks away*

*bell rings*


I had my head poked into my locker so I hung on to every little detail, Emily is in danger she goes to that party and...... and...... I can't say it, I'll put it this way Jake is a sexual addicted monster, he doesn't have good ways at treating girls right. He's a monster.

Emily is innocent she doesn't deserve any of this, I wish she could see right through me, how much I care about her, for  her but instead she goes for the physcho maniac with a caring impression when deep down its fake, all of it is fake, no one can fix him or help him with this addiction. Rumor has it he fucked almost the whole cheerleading squad that's how bad it is but stubborn as Emily is she won't listen to me, and since she won't listen she'll realise and see who Jake Heileman is- Half good looking with fake charms, half monster.

With all due respect he didn't invite me but that doesn't mean I won't go. I won't stop at nothing to protect the girl I love, even it means taking Jake Heileman down

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