Scooter, Fredo and Kenny barges in

Justin: I've been waiting for hours jesus

Drake: What is this all about that you had Justin send everyone home

Scooter: They could have stayed

Justin: Yeah while I'm till in Manhattan cause that makes sense

Fredo: *laughs*

Scooter: Matt wants you to come and sing on the Today Show

Justin: Sing what?

Scooter: The Maria song

Justin: Do I have to?

Scooter: Yes so this scandal can stop

Fredo: You do want it to stop right?

Justin: Of course, I'm not the father of her damn baby I said that a million times

Fredo: But people still believe her

Justin: That's dumb

Scooter: We're going by private plane

Drake: Can I tag along?

Justin: Are you nuts? Who's going to watch the house?

Drake: Get one of your bodyguards to

Justin: Wowwwwww!!!!

Scooter: Let him come

Justin: Beliebers will freak out

Fredo: Not unless he's in disguise *winks*

Scooter: Whatever Fredo just said

Justin: Fine *scoffs*

Justin left to find Drake a disguise and they were off in the plane to head out to New York City

*Studio 1A*

Savannah: Matt is Justin coming?

Matt: Yes, Scooter just called to tell me that they'll be arriving

Al: The Biebs is coming back

Savannah: What are we doing?

Matt: Asking him questions and have him sing Maria

Savannah: Sounds fun

Al: The Biebs is always fun

Matt: *laughs* Come on guys let's continue with the news

On the plane Drake and Justin drifted off to sleep, on the other hand Fredo was on his phone, Scooter was chatting away with Kenny.

The trip took hours but they finaly arrived in NYC, a limo waited for them and took them down to Manhattan to Rockefeller Plaza, where thousands of fans lined the streets just to see Justin perform

Drake: Damn

Justin: My beliebers


Drake: *laughs* Wuttttttt

Justin: Don't even ask

They all came out of the limo and walked backstage into the studio

Matt: Hey Justin

Justin: Matt, long time no see

Matt: Hi Drake

Drake: Hi

Matt: I heard too

Justin: Yeah

Matt: How are you two getting along?

Justin: Just fine *smiles*

Al: Justin!!!

Justin: Al!!!! my man

Drake: *scratches head*

Al: Glad you're back

Justin: Good to be back

Al: I see we have a new visitor *chuckles*

Justin: Yeah Drake *smiles*

Drake: Hi *smiles*

Al: Hi

Matt: Hi Scooter

Scooter: What's popping?

Justin: What's popping? Really? Get outta here

Al: *laughs* Give him a break come on

Matt: So Justin the concert starts after the commercial break. Ready?

Justin: Ready

After the break Justin headed outside with Matt

They were on the stage, fans were screaming

Matt: There's a lot of good that comes with celebrity you know that

Justin: Ya

Matt: Here is also a pretty white hot spotlight

Justin: Of course

Matt: And you've found yourself under it recently

Justin: Ya

Matt: Some headlines

Justin: Set the record straight none of it is true

Matt: Do you know this woman?

Justin: Never met the woman

Matt: Alright Justin Bieber everyone, take it away *comes off of the stage*

Justin: *performs Maria*

After the show

Matt: Great job out there

Justin: Thanks

Al: You're always welcome here

Justin: Thanks Al

Fredo: Let's go Drake

Drake: I was enjoying this ugh

Fredo: Wow, Drake actually enjoyed something

Justin: *laughs* Bye everyone *leaves the studio*

Al: That kid is something *chuckles*

Justin, Drake, Scooter, Fredo and Kenny headed back to L.A.

Scooter: You can invite them back over now

Justin: Not a good idea

Scooter: Why? What happened?

Justin: Let's just say it didn't go well *runs upstairs*

Drake: *shrugs and goes to my room*

Fredo: Kids and their problems

Fredo: Tell me about it

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