Meet and Greet and Concert

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Philly beliebers turned out in numbers, numerous numbers that is. Justin did the Meet and Greet and then continued on with the concert whereas white wings were attached unto him as he descended to the ground from above. Everything went well with Scooter and fredo still looking on backstage but little did Justin know there was a suprise backstage.

Justin: *raps up with Die In Your Arms*

*shouts* Thank you Philly. I love you, drive safe

Audience: *screams*

Justin: *walks towards backstage*

Audience: *leaves*

Scooter: Good job

Justin: Thanks

Fredo: *grins*

Justin: Okay you two have been acting weird all day, what's going on?

Usher: Because of me

Justin: Usher!!!

Usher: My man

Justin: What are you doing here?

Usher: Just popping in

Justin: This is awesome, long time man

Usher: Busy, busy, busy

Justin: *smiles*

Usher: I heard about Drake

Justin: Oh boy.....

Usher: Don't worry, your manager here told me

Justin: Scooter!!!

Scooter: What? Beliebers are the ones that can't know, it won't Usher

Justin: Ugh

Usher: I'm sorry man

Justin: It's alright

Usher: When are you going to tell them about him

Justin: I don't know bro, I don't know

Usher: When you're ready, you will, just make sure you're ready

Justin: Thanks for the heads up

Usher: You know I always I have your back

Justin: Yeah *smiles*

Usher: Well I gotta run

Justin: Already?

Usher: I'll be back

Justin: Good

Usher: My man *smiles and leaves*

Justin: Let's get this show on the road shall we? *walks out of the arena and goes unto the tour us*

Fredo: *shrugs and follows Justin*

Scooter: *follows behind Fredo and Justin*

*On the tour bus* Where's Kenny?

Kenny: Right here *gets in driver's seat*

Scooter: Where were you?

Kenny: O.........

Justin: Quit worrying Scoot geez *grins* Where to next?

Fredo: San Diego, California

Justin: Nice

Scooter: Get some rest

Justin: Alright uhm isn't anyone going to check up on Drake?

Fredo: Should we?

Justin: *scratches head* I guess

Fredo: Why don't you call him?

Justin: Hell no

Fredo: Well then no need to check up on him

Justin: He could be destroying the house by now

Fredo: *stares at Justin*

Scooter: *stares out of the window*

Justin: fine, i guess I'm calling him myself then

Scooter&Fredo: *stays silent*

Justin: Ugh *walks to the back and calls Drake*

Drake: Hello brother

Justin: Is the house okay?

Drake: Really? Don't worry  I didn't burn it down like you thought

Justin: Okay bye

Drake: You seriously just called to see if I burned the house down

Justin: Technically yeah now bye

Drake: Bye punk *hangs up*

Justin: *scoffs and hangs up*

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