Justin: *looks at Scooter, Fredo and Drake* Guys calm down all I did was tell them the truth

Scooter: You should have asked first

Justin: I'm allowed to make my own decisions, I'm old enough

Fredo: Just ask before you do certain stuff

Justin: They are my beliebers Fredo, mine, they got me where I am today

Drake: Don't we all know that *scoffs*

Justin: Last time I checked I was talking to my director, clearly not you

Drake: *rolls eyes* Who the fuck cares

Scooter: *stern voive* Boys language

Drake: Great now his stupid fans knows that we're stepbrothers

Justin: Hey watch your mouth

Drake: I can say what the fuck I want

Scooter: Not in this house you don't

Drake: Who are you my father?

Scooter: I would never want to be your father, Jeremy has his work cut out for him, you're despicable. *looks at Justin* Watch what you tweet *brushes past Drake and walks out*

Fredo: Be careful Justin *walks out*

Justin: Alright, alright geez

Drake: *steps into Justin's room* How did the dweebs handle the news

Suddenly the door closes and a click is heard from outside

Drake: *runs the door* What the fuck? Let me out of here!!!

Scooter: *talks from outside* It's for your own good, until I hear some talking and hear no fighting then we will set you guys free


Scooter: Deal with it

Drake: *turns to Justin* You know your crew is crazy

Justin: Are they really? *chuckles*

Drake: Well we're stranded in a room tog.....geth.... *clears throat* together

Justin: So?

Drake: We need to bond

Justin: Ew

Drake: Sounds gross right? I know, I hate your guts

Justin: Well my dear stupid stepbrother, I hate yours too

Drake: *walks towards the bed* Mind scooting down

Justin: No sit on the floor dipshit

Drake: *chuckles* You used my own word against me, clever NOW SCOOT YOUR ASS DOWN

Justin: Ask me kindly

Drake: What?

Justin: Ask me kindly

Drake: Can you please move down a bit?

Justin: That's not kind, you have to be graceful about it

Drake: What the fuck?

Justin: Try again *grins*

Drake: Justin can you please move over a bit? *smiles*

Justin: Perfect now bow

Drake: You're crazy

Justin: Hi you want a seat, bow

Drake: *bows*

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