I would say all the introductions about our teachers but that's boring.

Let's move on shall we, lunch was right after Geometry

Hand in hand I walked over to the cafeteria with Justin.

Emily: Welcome to the cafe

Justin: This place looks like a jungle *laughs*

Emily: Idiot

Justin: No fair *pouts*

Emily: Oh boy *pulls Justin in the corner*

Kids rushed into the cafeteria like wild animals

Justin: Thanks for the save hot stuff

Emily: No problem *smiles*

*phone rings*

Justin: *answers* Stop calling every 10 minutes damn

Drake: Got a problem with that?

Justin: Yes its annoying

Drake: Watever brother, where's your girlfriend?

Justin: For the last time she's not my girlfriend *looks around cafeteria*

Emily: *stares at Justin*

Justin: I gotta go. Byeee have fun with Ryan and Chaz *hangs up*

Drake: Just..... *sighs and hangs up*

Emily: Just curious, who were you two talking about?

Justin: Uhm no one

Emily: You know better than to lie to me again to my face

Justin: It's no one alright

Emily: *storms off and sits at my table with Allison*



She sat at her table ignoring me, I didn't want to fight with her. Truth is she means more to me than she even knows. As I was was walking over to where she was I bumped into someone a jock

He was wearing the Eagle Rock varsity jacket with an Eagle Logo printed, judging from his looks he was probably the captain of the football team

??: Watch where you're going man

Justin: Uhm

??: You got something to say man?

Justin: No

??: Good *shoves Justin and goes to my table*

Justin: *sits at Em's table looking at Allison*

Who is that guy?

Allison: Jake Heileman, captain of the football team, stay clear of him

Justin: Alright

Allison: Shhh *whispers* Em has a crush on him

Justin: Oh

Emily: Alli!!!

Allison: *grins*

Justin: Uhm gotta go *gets up*

Allison: Aren't you going to eat?

Justin: I'm not hungry *walks away passing  Jake's table*

Jake: You should have seen her man, she couldn't get enough of me

Other jock: Damn bro

Jake: Its all good, I plan on doing it again

Other jock #2: When?

Jake: I'm gonna throw a party this Saturday, then

Jock table: *hoots*

Jake: *smiles*

I walked out of the cafeteria angry, that is the guy Emily likes? I thought she knew better, that's why I'm here.

To protect her.

By any chance I won't let that bastard hurt her, I won't

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