Drake: No need to get up blondie

Ryan: Shutup

Drake: You don't want to mess with me *glares at Justin* tell him brother

Justin: *scoffs* Leave me out of this

Drake: No can do

Justin: It's amazing how a real jerk you are

Drake: *smirks*

Ryan: I should go

Drake: No please stay, I'm going out anyway

Justin: Going where?

Drake: Do you always have to ask?

Justin: Yes your behaviour is still uhm.....

Drake: It's what Justin *gets close to him*

Ryan: Don't even

Drake: Pfttt you can't do shit

Justin: Can you just leave already damn

Drake: Last time I checked, you were the one asking where I'm going

Justin: Yeah whatever just go, its my day

Drake: Yeah sure its always about you

Ryan: *scoffs*

Drake: *goes to the door and opens it* Just a reminder there's no need to check up on me, whatever I do its my business *leaves and closes the door behind me*

Justin: *looks at Ryan smirking*

Ryan: Thinking what I'm thinking?

Justin: Let's go *rushes to the door along with Ryan and closes it behind me*

Ryan: *looks in the driveway* His car is gone

Justin: No worries *looks at tracker on my phone*

Ryan: Smart thinking

Justin: Always *smiles* Come on

Justin and Ryan gets into Justin's car and follows Drake to a house couple blocks down from where the two stepbrothers live. Drake gets out and goes to the door its opened by a girl and before they knew it Drake disappeared into the house

Ryan: Who is that?

Justin: I don't know bro

Ryan: Hmm

Justin: He's sneaking, which makes it all the more reason for me to just barge in there and beat his ass

Ryan: Whoaa easy

Justin: Why not?

He lies

He goes behind my back

He's deceitful

He's cunning

He's got nothing but hatred in him

Ryan: I could imagine how difficult it is for you

Justin: I hate every bone in him, its hard to fight it

Ryan: I'm sorry bro

Justin: It's okay

Ryan: Come on, let's go back home before he notices we're gone, this day is about you remember

Justin: Right, whatever Drake is hiding its not going to stay in hiding forever, I'll know the truth soon

Justin and Ryan returned to the house and continued playing video games for the rest of the day and Drake came in hours after leaving Justin intensely curious about Drake's intentions

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