Emily: Justin can I ask you a question?

Justin: Sure

Emily: Was Drake Bell in the studio with you?


The minute she said Drake Bell, my mind started racing. Why would she think Drake Bell was in there? Was she suspicious? It was at that very same moment my conscience took over

"Tell her the secret"


"What's keeping you back?"

"My beloved Beliebers"

"Oh really? You're hurting them by not telling them"

"I'm protecting them"

"From who?"

"My standard enemy"

"Tell Emily, Justin"

"I won't"


"NO, go away leave me alone"

Emily: Justin!!! Justin!!! Justin!!!

Justin: Uh?

Emily: Drake Bell?

Justin: No Drake Bell was not in my studio with me


Emily: But.....

Justin: Shh don't worry about it. Let's head back Kenny is probably on his way.


Alicia: I see them, they're coming back

Fredo: Don't get too excited shawty

Scooter: *walks out* Hey lovebirds, Kenny is coming

Alicia: Lovebirds?

Fredo: Got a problem with that?

Alicia: Oh shudupp *bumps my hip into his side*

Fredo: Whoaa chill girl *grins*

Scooter: Where's Justin and.....

Alicia: Emily

Scooter: Yeah Emily pftt I'm so forgetful

Fredo: You telling me and they're right there you blind bat

Alicia: *giggles*

Justin: *walks up with Alicia* Ayeee

Fredo: Ayeeee

Scooter: Ayeeee


Girl when I met you my heart went knock knock

And now them butterflies in my stomach won't stop stop *looks at Emily*

Emily: *blushes*

Fredo: Go Justin, go go go Justin

Alicia: You should become a cheerleader instead of a director

Scooter: I could see it now

Fredo: Shutup man

Scooter: Karma betch

Justin: *laughs* Here's another song girls


Let me tell you a story

About a girl and a boy

He fell in love with his best friend when she's around he feels nothing but joy

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