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My head is banging with pain, looks like someone is continously hammering my head. My hands move to my head to hold my paining head and press gently on my temples. I open my eyes slowly but shut them back as all the sun light around me enters in my eyes.

This increase the pain more. I groan and turn on my side to lower the pain a little.

But soon  the incidents of past came back like a movie and my eyes shot open.


It was a dream right? 

Yeah it was a dream.

I am panting hard by just thinking about it. I sigh hard and put an arm swiftly around my belly.

And then my eyes fall upon my arm. It's sore and I can see the nerve where I have been injected and by the look of it I can tell it was more than once.

I blinked quizzically. 

Then my vision got more clear and my eyes fall on the bed sheet. Bed. Then floor. Then walls. Then room.

Where the hell I'm now?

My heartbeat quickens again.  I remove the sheets off me but I was in my clothes.  I sigh with relief.  Then I move down from the bed realising my legs are so wobbly right now. With the support of table and wall I reached the big window. When I look down from the window I was more confused. 

Where am I?

Roads are so clear. And empty. Nearly no one on the road.  And as far I can see I can only see the unfamiliarity of the surroundings.

A knock on the door finally bring me out of my senses and when I look to the door James was already inside the room.

Oh my God.

It means that wasn't a dream.

It means randhir, oh no...

I open my mouth to speak but no words came out, tears became to burn my eyes.

"Come on you need to eat something. Your body needs energy for what you have to do now." James said and he definitely got my attention.

"You know we're passed out for a whole week. I was so worried. " James muttered and put some bags on the bed and move towards me.

He stood in from of me and handed me a card.

"Sonia .." but it have my picture beside the name.

"This is your new identity. " he smiled "welcome to your new life" he added.

"So now we are far far far away from those people are now you can live peacefully " he smile through hint of tears and move to sit on the bed.

"You will be working in a day care around the corner. They don't pay much but it will be sufficient enough. And even if it's not you can always ask me I would love to help. Take care of yourself and the baby and do tell him how much his uncle love him or her." He smile at the end.

Why he is talking like it's the last time we are meeting?

I was unable to speak anything. It's just too much for taking in.

What about randhir?

What if he is seriously injured?

Should I ask about him?

What if the answer is what I don't want to hear?

I don't think I will be able to live through it.

What about his dad, ?

Will he come after me?

What about the police? I'm a still a criminal in papers.

Can I handle all this.?

What about my baby?

Can I give him or her what he deserve?

Isn't this is what I wanted? To run away far far away from my past and now when I have why I need him  to be with us too.?

Wasn't I want to run away from him too?

So what now?

Why James is acting like it's the last time we are meeting?

Is he hiding something from me?

"Congratulations to you new life" James chuckles standing up from the bed and moving out.

But somewhere I know my past will no leave me alone so easily.

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