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Come on sanyukta you have to do it.

Fight him. Beat him. Kill him.

But get the answers out for him.

I took a deep breath and went to the room where I think he is.

I gently open the door and sneak in. It seems like a study room. The desk, books, files,  those big shelves, laptop scream work work and only work.

I move my eyes around the room and lastly my eyes fall on a sleeping body on the couch nearby.

I would have never imagine that this innocent faced guy will ruin my life.

I was here to talk to him and get some answers but now seeing him sleeping I think I have a better idea.

I tip toed further inside the room and close the door behind me. I silently make my way to the desk and try to find anything which I can use in any way.

I quickly and swiftly pull the drawer after drawer and try to find anything.


Here it is.

I hold the black heavy object in my palm and the familiarity in the hold just bring back my inner confidence.

I swiftly put the gun in my waist band and hope that I don't get in a situation to use this but still I might need this.

Then I rummaged through one more drawer and a picture hold my gaze.

My eyes met with the gaze of the person in the picture and I almost gasped.

I am shocked, confused and terrified.


And more importantly


I suddenly sense some fishy. It's not exactly what it looks like. It has something to do with me from the very starting. Maybe even before my birth?

Damn what have I gotten myself into.

I quickly push close all the drawer and quickly make my way towards the door. My mind filled with questions.

And I swear I would have squeak at the top of my voice when he hold my hand suddenly.

"You need something? " he asked in his husky and edgy voice.

"I um.. no. I mean yes." Why the hell I'm stuttering.

He wait for me to say further but I lost all the thoughts in my mind further. The silence stretched between us but I didn't said anything so I began to move to the doors until he tug on my hand lightly.

"Can we talk for a moment? " he seem hesitant and I have my mind  somewhere else

"Please just one moment.  Sit here for once and just listen to me. For once." He almost begged.

My feet and like they have the mind if their own move and I sit in the couch be was sleeping on.

He took the seat in front the of me.

What was the meaning of that picture bring here. In hus study room. In his drawer. Is this randhir study room or his father? In every document in the drawer it was his father name. So that means it was his father who have something to do with that photograph. Does randhir know anything about it? Will he tell me if I ask. No way. I am not going to ask him. What if it's not even like what I'm thinking. It might me something else or it might be something worse than I'm thinking.

"Please say yes. Please "

I hear him.

"Huh. . Uh yeah yes."


"Really, thank God, sanyukta.. I promise I won't disappoint you on this. And really really thank you for this. I know it was hard for you but ..thank you so much." He said with the happiness and hope dancing in his eyes along with the hint of forming tears as he take hold of both of my hands in his and thank me again again and again.

I don't even know for what I have said yes for.

Oh God what I have gotten myself into.

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Hope you like it.

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