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Sanyukta stirs in her sleep and soon woken up by the laughing sound coming from outside. Once getting up she made her way to the kitchen from where the sounds were coming from. There she saw a sight which melt her heart.

Twins have flour on their cheeks while they help Randhir making a dough. Twins sitting on the counter on either side of the bowl while randhir standing in middle of them with both of his hands inside the bowl while his sleeves are now fold till his elbow.  The muscles of his arm flex with every movement or whatever he is doing with that dough. Will they flex in same way when....

Sanyukta stop her thoughts immediately when she found herself crossing a line. A imaginary line she made herself. Years ago.

"What are my little cupcakes doing?" Said sanyukta while entering in the kitchen and regret the next moment.


Sanyukta checked his face to find any reaction but he got none. Even he seem to totally ignore her presence.

Sanyukta thought about how he used to call her Cupcake when..

"We are making super Cupcake cake with Super D." The kids fall in fits of laughter as they throw a little flour at each other.

Super D?

Super Dad?

Sanyukta was furious at the thought that he made them call him dad unknowingly.

"Super D?" Sanyukta's question was directed to randhir but he didn't spare a single look at her.

"Super decetive " Dheer said.

"Stupid. It's super Detective." Complains sana but laughed the next second.

Sanyukta stand there for a moments. She won't admit but she would have admired a little attention from him. At least after last night.

No nothing happened last night. We just slept. But the possessiveness he showed moments ago from sleeping and that kiss still make her jittery when she think about it.

When she found out she was not going to get any attention she turn on her heels and go into her room to get ready for the work.

When she came out after dressing up and found them putting something in the microwave.

"Bye babies. I will be home early. Okay." She hugged both kids and kiss their white powdery cheeks.

Again she didn't get any attention. Not even a glance.

She made herself out of the house and saw Eden make his way in his car, opening a door for sanyukta. Sanyukta get into the car not before she saw a glimpse of randhir standing near the window of their apartment, Clearly watching the scene.


Sanyukta made her way late into their apartment. She is already having a second thought about this job. But this job is paying her what her two previous job gave in total. Not ignoring the fact that I just have to go on weekends.

She miss the neighbours downstairs. When they decide to go a vacation on their anniversary, she was really happy and arranged it quickly but she didn't realise how much she is gonna miss them.

At first she didn't know how she gonna handle all of this without them but he made it happen. She won't tell him ever but he totally trust him with kids and he really helped her with the twins in his weekend. Just like a normal couple.

She don't know either she sound be happy or sad at the thought.

When she step inside the house was dark and silent. She quickly put her bag down and check the rooms. They were empty. It's almost eleven of the night. Her first thought was to call him and ask where they are and are they okay. But her second thought tell her to trust him and wait. She went with the second thought and decide to wait. Taking a shower and changing in comfortable pair of clothes she sat down on the couch and waited. Her stomach grumbled with hunger but she was more concerned about her family now. But as the time passes  she began to get impatient. Finally decided to call him, she pick her phone and call him. But before the first ring could go the door opened and randhir entered with twins sleeping on his either shoulder.

Her heart which was getting down to her stomach in worry is now fluttering with wings at how adorable they look.

He entered further in the room, again ignoring her presence he went to the kids room to make them sleep.

Another man entered their small house. This man was loaded with the toys,  balloons and a big teddy bear. Getting up from the couch and helping that poor person santykta took the teddy bear from him. The face flashes a deep smile at her and she return it back.

"Good evening ma'am. It's Jace. Mr. Shekhawat's chauffeur. " he smile and sanyukta returned it.

Once he put all the tings down he get up to his height back. "Good night ma'am. " he flashes a smile again and went out of the doors. He didn't give her a chance to bring water from him. 

She sigh lightly and sat back on the couch. Admiring the toys on the side she didn't realise when she fall asleep on the couch. 

Last thing she felt before sleeping was being carried away in air and then sleeping on something soft.

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