chapter 38

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I pull the door shut after giving last glance to my sleeping babies. I wonder why they took so much time to fall sleep.

Oh maybe I know.

Because I was the one who took so much extra time in packing their bags, checking their homework,  iron their dress and deciding what I'm going to make in breakfast. And then I clean up their whole room after there slept. Then I went to kitchen and do all the dishes. Slowly.

Only so that I can delay my visit to my room in which he is.

I scan the whole room to find any spot whee I can spend and delay some more time but everywhere I see is shining bright furniture and floor.

I let out a stress breath when I found that I really don't have any more excuse for not going into my room.

I stepped in front of my room and raise my hand to knock.

Wait. Why the fuck I'm knocking? This is bloody my room.

Fuck him and his controlling vibes.

With this thought I made myself welcome in my own room.

The first thing I gear after entering in the room was fingers furiously being tapped on keyboard. From the corner of my eyes I saw him sitting in the bed with his laptop. I slowly made my way to my closet and take out some night clothes and make my way into the bathroom for a shower.

Okay wait. Why the shower when you can take a full long bath just to delay some more time to get to that bed, right?

So that what I did.

I took that long warm soothing bath.

As I rest my head back at the bathtub I try to decide what I'm going to put after this. Is their any way I can avoid going to bed with him.

Can I sleep on couch?

No. Hell no.

I really can't understand how the girls in serials or movies sleep on couch and still manage to shine bright on the next day at work.  I can't bloody stand properly if I hadn't sleep well.

So no. No sleeping on couch.

I looked down for once and I wonder if I can sleep in this bathtub.

Ugh what the fuck.

Am I getting insane. It's fucking my bloody room. My bed. And I will sleep in it.

With such high determination I get up from the water and wipe up my body.  After getting in the clothes I brought with me I extra wipe my hair with a towel.

This is not a romantic movie in which I will go out after bathing in only towel and wet hairs and then seduce the hero and they he will pull me in his ams and we will make love all night.


Our story is far far away from any love story. Yes we can make our story work on the front page of newspaper if we killed each other one day.

I look down to recheck that I'm not , from any angle,  looking like I'm trying to impress him. To swipe my last stroke of creativity I tie my hair in a bun in which I know he don't like.

Once I'm content that I'm not looking impressive in any way I move out of the bathroom.

The cool air of the room hits me and I shudder.

Then I stand I front of the mirror applying a night cream.

Should I swipe all the pictures clean?
Or should I rewash the utensils so they will look cleaner.

I heard the tapping notice of the keyboard stop. I look in the mirror and saw him stop doing his work and now he is smiling behind me.

That fucking evil smile.

And I am never ever gonna tell him that he looks ten times more sexy in those back rimmed glasses.

I quickly looked away from him and began doing what I was doing.

"Are you done avoiding me ?"

I heard him say behind me. I find his eyes again on the mirror and saw him smiling as he bite the corner of his pen.

"I'm not avoiding you." I'm avoiding getting in the same bed as you.

But I won't say that.

Then he laughter. Really laughed. A full humorous laugh.

I turn around and mutter a "what's so funny?"

"It's funny that you think I don't know why you are doing" he murdered after he had his time in laughing at me.

The blush slightly crept to my cheeks as he look at me make me feel like a deer cought in headlights.

He close his laptop and now straighten his back a little something he gave me his full attention.

Is he really looking that hot sitting there in my bed or its my hormones which are going extremely wild right now?

I'm just so close to throwing myself at him and letting him have his ways with me.

The mischievous glistening eyes shine brightly at me and I knew something is cooking up in his mind.

"Come here"

His little command created a havoc in my senses and I'm sure I will be glad if it even destroyed me tonight.

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