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A loud knock on the door ruined my peaceful sleep.



Did I dared to fall sleep last night?

Even when I had everything ready to run away.

The knocking sound came again and they were not so gentle like before.

"Sanyukta" randhir said from other side of the door.

I get up with a jerk.

Oh no what if he see me in these clothes.

Oh no no no.

And for the fact I never locked the door when he went away last night.

Damn for God's sake Sanyukta.

I see the door knob turning and i just jump into the bathroom and locked the door.


"Oh you were in bathroom. You could have just tell me that." I hear him murmur from the other side of the door. Then I hear some shuffling and guessed that either he is gone or he just sat down somewhere on my bed.

"Come out soon. we need to talk" oh so now he is gonna wait for me to come out now.

I guess I can use this time my time in here.

I did my morning routine and brushed my teeth, washed my face before taking a full long bath.

Once feeling fully clean I guesses he must have gone by now.

I wrapped the towel around my body because I never bothered to take my clothes with me when I had to almost made a run to my bathroom.

With that I move out of the room and the cold air in room make goosebumps rise on my warm skin.

I almost shuddered and rub my arm lightly.

I move to the empty bed and about to bend down to get my bag out from beneath bed.

"So you take your all time th..." he stop mid sentence as he emerged from the curtains separating room from balcony.

My breath stuck in my throat.

Just like his.

The eye contact was maintain and created havoc in my heart.

Is it the cool air?
Is it his presence? 
Is is his gaze?
Is it how he biting his lip?
Is it his eyes roaming over my body?

I take the courage and look away and he look away too.

Okay this is awkward.

"Uhh you should wear something first then we can talk. " he said moving towards the bed to take a seat.

Yeah right. Now I will pull my bag from underneath the bed and show you how much prepared I was to run away. And then open my bag and show you the gun which is on top of my clothes which I stoke from your study room.

Oh God.

"I Uhh... okay like this you say what you want to say."

I said lifting my weight from one leg to another. 

He almost look taken aback by my words.

He look away as like finding perfect words to say.

He took a long pause and then look at me he had something different in his eyes this time.

"Wear something. Uh..... it's distracting."

It followed by his eyes moving up and down to my body.

I won't lie and said that it didn't churn something inside me.

I hide my smile and almost feel my esteem getting higher.

"Come here."

That small sentence bring all my blood rushed to my cheeks. Why the fish I'm blushing?

I walk to him until I'm in front of him.

He look up at me with his mischievous eyes and snakes his two warm hands around my waist and pull me closer to him. So close.

My breathing get quickens in anticipation.

Suddenly he leans in and Bury his head in my belly. I just want to through my head back and moan loud but I stop myself.

I feel him planting a peck on my towel-covered belly.

"I don't want my baby to get cold. I can literally see you shivering." He said.

"I'm not shivering because of cold." I said and mentally slap myself for saying that.

His sudden smirk prove the fact that I just embarrassed myself.

"Believe me I would love to make you shiver underneath me, darling"

Oh God

I'm already hyperventilating.

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