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"Come here"

He commanded.

For almost got me in his spell and I just wanted to do whatever he says. Is it some black magic or its only my body which get crazy when he is near. It's like every fibre in my body is dying to get cherished by him. The goosebumps arising on my body on his single command is weird, and my want to comply it is really not a good sign. Not at all.

I look straight in his black dark orbs while he look back at me with a challenging look which say do what i say.

Fucking controlling sexy beast.

Wait did  I just said that? What's wrong with me?

"I don't like to repeat myself" he grumbled faking annoyance.

Oh so I'm annoying now.



I said. Blunt and clear.

His eyes snapped to mine and widen a little before he squint them and ask


"I don't like to repeat myself" I said and smirked to myself. I turn around and make my way to the door.

So the couch it is. With that thought in my mind I hold the door knob.

"I Fucking dare you to open the door." I hear him growled behind me.

I look back up at him with a challenge in my eyes.

Game is on.

I hold the door knob in my hands and lock eyes with his piercing gaze.

I move the knob slightly. A little more. A little more. Still locking eyes with him. A little more. Tiny bit more and.... click.

I flashed him my best fake smile and turn around the pull the door open.


Yes here is a but...

Because as I was about to step ahead , the door was pressed shut with a loud bang and I was slammed into the closed doors with a thud.

Damn my back.

"I warned you"

His breath fall on my nose when he speak. So when I look up I just wanted to look down again bit he was much closer. Much closer for my liking. And I feared that I would give up if he keep being so close to me. Give up what I'm holding back.

"I was trying so hard not to do this." I hear him grumble above me.

"Do what? " my voice felt like I'm barely breathing.

He didn't said any thing just glance up to my wrist which are now in his hands and held up against the wall.

I gulp. Hard.

He saw me doing that as I saw his eyes roaming all over my face then going down to my neck and God knows where.

"Now you don't move until I kiss the air out of you. And if you move only God and my bloody thought knows what I'm gonna do to you"

Before I could even process his words in my brain his lips came crashing down to mine. I almost jump on my toes on the impact. I pull my hands down but his grip only get tightens. His lips moves slowly and in do torturous pace. The pace almost made me groan and by the way I feel him smile I know he is enjoying it. My legs seemed to be jelly right now i would be melting to the floor if he hands his waist pressed to mine. He then move a little ad adjust both of my wrist in his one hand above my head. I moan so lucky in his mouth when tongues began to get involved. His one free hand went to back of my head and put my hair back and I release a yelp in his mouth but he just deepen the kiss.  My mind is dizzy and I felt like I'm floating. The grip on my hair loosen a little but soon I feel his hand moving down to my neck. I tug hard on my wrist when I think I can't breath anymore and I think he got the idea because he left my lips and make his way down the my chin then to my neck and end up in the crook of my neck. And then he choose a particular spot to torture and my head falls back at the shivers I felt at the moment. The hands which was on my neck runs down through my sides and rest on my waist. For a moment. Because in next moment he slide that inside my top making me gasp. His cold fingers run over my hot skin and I  just want to be like this forever. And when I thought this moment can not get any better he proved me wrong when his lips came back to mine and he did what he said.  He kissed the air out of me. Again.

He knocked on the door before pulling away from me. I look up at him quizzically as he pants hard still trying to get his breaking in control while his eyes are... wild.

He pointed to the door and then I realised he didn't knocked on the door. The knocking was coming from outside.

I turn the knob and open the door.

"We missed you mommy" said a sleepy Dheer and he went straight up to my bed and sleep again while sana quietly follow him and did the same saying. "I'm very sleepy."

"Same here" I heard a voice behind me then I saw him going to the bed and get under the covers and suddenly the twins snuggled to him.

Didn't they said they missed 'me'?

I chuckle to myself as I too make my way to the bed.

I was just getting inside the covers when I saw both twins shot their eyes open and buried their nose in randhir's chest.

"Why you smelling like mommy"?

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