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Thank you all of you.  It's all means a lot to me.

I woke up by a strong smell of medicines around me. When I flutter my eyes open I only saw white everywhere. When I looked down I found myself in green hospital gown. But one thing which hit me was

I don't have a baby bump anymore.

It was there when I closed my eyes.

My eyes quickly scan the white hospital room but found it emptyThen my eyes fall on the two cribs in the corner of the room.

Tear brim in my eyes as I remember the first time u get to know that I'm expecting twins.

I was scared and nervous but now .

We made it, babies.

We made it

With that ignoring the pain in my belly I got up from the very and make my way down the cribs.

Reaching the cribs I pat my hands lightly on the small body.

But I felt my fingers digging deep down.

Then suddenly I felt the body vanished from beneath my fingers and it empty.

I quickly checked the other crib.


I looked around frantically and make my way out of the room.

Corridors are empty.

No one in the view.

There is no one but I can feel eyes on me.

I take a while walk down the corridor.

"Doctor? "

"Sister ?"


Running downstairs and still not seeing any human made my Heart feel heavy with fear.

Where are my babies?

Then I see the big gates of the hospital.

I run out of the door.

But again.

Here is no one in sight.

Not  single person.

I spin around.

No one.

I look here and there but see no one.

But I swear I can feel eyes on me. Someone is watching me.

I pull my hairs back in frustration but suddenly I feel something wet on my belly.

I looked down and found the gown which was green moments ago it's now red by my blood.

My blood drenched the green cottony material of the gown making a red patch over it.


I hear a female voice behind me so I turn around.

I saw a nurse making her way to me.

Then suddenly the whole area outside the hospital is flooded with people rushing here and there.  Then I bang of pain shoot in my abdomen I feel myself falling down on my knees.

"It's just weird.  Incidents like that keep happening again and again. At malls. At grocery shopping. In park.  In school. Even on a annual day. " I sigh in his chest and I hesitate to add

"But never in the house. Never in this house. It's the first time. And. ..." I stop but I feel his hands moving up down my waist to encourage me to speak.

He has been very patient with me. Letting me say taking my whole time. Not saying a single word so that I won't get distracted anyhow.

"...and it really made me scared this time. " I mumble to myself. 

He again didn't said anything but I didn't look up either.

"I always felt safe at this place.  But I guess not anymore."

"You said you feel eyes on you." This is the first sentence he decided to speak after hours.

I nodded in his chest.

"Who come in your mind when you think about. .you know. ..those eyes. " he enquired

"Initially, don't mind but I really used to thought.... "

I stop

"Thought what?"

"Nothing. "

"Sanyukta " he said in a scolding voice .

I pull myself back from  his Chest.

"It could be anybody. " I said.

"Anybody? Anyone specific " he asked again.

"Specific?  Specific? Really. If you don't remember then let me tell you I was in the mafia. Even when my goal was only to destroy aryan  I made many enemies and "friends" through the journey.  And when I was caught those so called "friends" must be thinking I spill my guts about their whole business so now they are my enemies too. So in short I have the entire mafia against me and yeah please don't forget the police, perks of being a runaway prisoner, you know." I roll my eyes sarcastically at the end. By now I'm began to standing on my feet in front of him leaving his warm embrace.

"I'm in continuous cycle of fear. Which never ends. " I put a hand on my forehead and run it back pulling my hairs back.

"Fear? Fear of?" He asked as he too get on his feet now.

"Fear that. .. somebody from my past will be just standing outside my house any day and one day he is gonna ring that bell and. ...

And on the cue the door bell rang in my ears do when I look up I saw him as shocked as me.

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