chapter 37

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"Baby don't pick out those peas from the food. They are good for you" I try to make Dheer eat those green vegetables which he us collecting in the corner of his plates by the fork.

"But mommmyyyyyy they are greeeeennnnnn " he made a cry face.

I shared a look with sana who look at him annoyingly.

"You know mom made it with such efforts don't waste it " sana chirped.

My God. I knew my babies are  quite mature than their age but sana seemed to be even one step ahead.  She literally acts like a big sister. Even though they are twins.  Oh mate be those five minutes gap does count.

"Come on. Eat it now and then we need to do the homewor...."

There was an urgent knock on the door. Twins seem oblivious by the urgency of the knocking.

But my ears stand up like a rabbit.

Why I'm getting so jumpy recently?

Then the knocking sound came again with the same urgency.

I quickly get on my toes and make my way to the door.

I open the door only a little to sneak out to see who is there and I got visibly relaxed when I found him.

He was not alone.

He had a big teddy in his hand almost to my height and he has a box of chocolates in his other hand.

The way he stand with such ease made him look like adonis but when I look up to his eyes they seem just as tired as yesterday.

I almost feel a pity growing in my heart. He definitely need to get some rest.

I guessed I was gawking at him too long because the way he smirked before making himself welcome inside our home.

I suddenly hear jolts of squeals behind me as I close the door when I turn around I saw my babies running towards him. More like running towards the teddy.

I want my babies come running to me calling me daddy when I come home tonight.

I chuckle to myself. One part of his wish is getting fulfilled already.

"Is this for us?" I hear sana mutters in the teddy's furs.

"Sure it is. And who is gonna eat these delicious chocolates now?" Randhir said holding up the box of chocolates and I saw the eyes of twins flooring his hand movements with a glint in this eyes.

"No" that's my voice which burst their union.

"Not before you both finish your plates. Food first then chocolates. And only one." I commanded as I made my way back to my chair.

I hear some incoherent mumble behind me and then some chuckles which followed with some footstep coming toward me.

When I look up I found the twins taking their respective seats while he stand upright hovering over us.

"Can I join? "

I hear his polite request.

I can't help but smile and nodded my head.

He pull the empty chair put and took the seat. I saw sana put a empty plate in front of him while Dheer putting a glass of water beside the plate. I smile at my babies while I serve him the food. I'm not sure if he would like it. But what can I do now? He has to deal with it now.

When I look up at him I saw him looking towards the twin with a emotion in his eyes.

Is it


As if he feel me staring at him he look down at me and wink

I looked away and then back to my plate.

"Thank you" he muttered looking down at his plate, filled with food.

"Your welcome." We all said in unison making kids giggle at the coincidence.

He smiled too but somewhere I know he wasn't just smiling at the coincidence.

Then the twins want back to their food, sana eating slowly minding not to drop any food on her favorite frock while Dheer was still busy in picking out every green thing from his food.

"I really like the way to catch all the criminsls" I hear sana said as she look up at randhir shyly.

"How do you do that? " questioned  my curious Dheer.

"It's simple.  I eat green vegetables. " murmur randhir pointing at all the green vegetables Dheer as collect in one corner of his plate.

In return Dheer just looked at me, wide eyes, mouth open.


Mouthed Dheer as he looked down at the plate. Looking up at me then down at his plate again.

The suddenly he did something which almost make me fall from my chair with the shock.

Dheer spooned all the collected green vegetables from his plate and gulped it down in one go.

Then I hear a burst of laughter around me and I see randhir giving a sift high five to sana and then Dheer.

I just want to cry at how perfect it looks.

My eyes fall on the things he brought with him. The teddy, chocolates and some clothes.


Is he staying over? Again?

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