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I need to go out of here

I need to go out of here.

"I need to go out of here."

I shouted but nobody listen except the furniture in this closed room.


I rummaged through the things in the room and pray that I would find something useful.

Maybe key.

Some tool

Or a gun

Or maybe some chocolates


Here did that come from.

Oh the mother hormones.

Come on sanyukta. You can't blame everything on mother hormone. Everybody know that you are dying with hunger.

"Shut up"

I continue to find something unknown in till I open the door in one corner of the room.

Oh holy angels you just can't call it a bathroom when it seems like a small heaven.

My hands automatically began to fumble with the buttons of my dress and my feet and now have a mind of their own who dragged me the shower.

Once all the clothes are off my body is turn on the shower and let the water drained away all the dirt, hurt, disappointment, anger, worries from my body.
I just feel like I can cry myself to death. And I let myself do the same. I began crying. I let the water take away my tears. My all strength, my all power crumbled down.

I ran a hand to my bare skin of belly.

I am so sorry.

And I began crying again. Harder this time. My mind became hazy and I almost lost all of my senses. I felt so weak suddenly inside out. I feel my knees go weak and I was about to fall down until two warm arms wrapped themselves around my waist.

Everything went bluey and I was engulf in slumber but not before I hear.

"I am so sorry"

And I shut my eyes and hope to never open them ever again.


"I'm so sorry" I mumble in her ear and watch her crumbling down in my arms.

I'm he culprit. I'm the one who need to suffer not her. I'm the one who is supposed to be crying not her. I take her in my arms securely and make my way back to my room.

I thought to make her wear her clothes but then decide against it. She will not like it. I then make her lay on bed and cover her properly with blanket and sit beside her.

I clear out her hair falling on her face. She look weak. Her face has sunken to her bones. But she look as pretty as the first time I saw her.

Damn That day.

I gently put my hand where her belly is, from above the blanket.

I will everything right. I promise.

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