chapter 28

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My eyes knitting together as I focus hard on the task at hand.

Oh God I wished I had done engineering instead of learning how use guns.

I then hold out my hand and a pair of small hand hand me other tool as i hand back the torch to the other pair of small hands.

"And I'm still wondering how you two little minx manage to blow off the fuse at one o'clock  of the night."

I murmured as I was still sleepy and tired after working all day.

"I jwust wanted to eat something"

Came a sweet little girly voice.

"So I suggwest let's make strawberry shwake... "

said the little boy standing to my side holding the torch.

"And he switch on the mixer befowre I could clowse it "

Complain the little girl

"It's not my fault if you are slow " said the boy.

"Quite." I said quite louder than them.

And then all went silent. For maybe two seconds.

"He used my colors mom" the girl compliant again.

"He UsEd mY cOloRs mOm " the boy mocks his sister and got a little smack by his sister in return. And the torch he was holding fall down and then everything goes pitch black.


My two little babies stick to my legs and I have to steady myself back so I won't fall from the impact.

"Find the torch. " I said and we scoot lower to the floor and pat our palms randomly on the floor.

"Oh my God I think I just touched a snake." Shrieked the little boy.

"It must be the torch you stupid. " murmured the little girl.

I quickly get hold of the torch and flip it on.


Oh no.

"I think it's broken." I mumble and  try to find my phone nearby somewhere.

"You both need to sit down and don't move okay. I don't want you two to get hurt in the dark. " I mumbled as I get back to work again.

I can still hear them murmur somewhere behind me.

"Hey you know what my friend told me that her father is a superhero. He can solve every problems quickly.  "

"Ohhh SUPERHERO wohhhh it's so cool." 

"Yeah and her dad even bought her the newest pack of colours every time he go out."

"I wish we have a dad too"

My heart sank down to my stomach as my hands suddenly stop moving.

Don't cry

Don't cry.

There was a few minutes silence before girly voice came from behind me.

"Sorry mommy he doesn't mean it. Really you know what a fool he is."

"Hey mom. I'm sorry. I know you don't like it when I say that".

I turn around softly and lowered down myself to my knees and my twins engulfed me in a bear hug. They are so much mature for only  four years old kids.

"We are sorry. Please don't cry. " they said together.

"It's not your fault." It's mine.

But I stop myself from adding it louder.

I took a deep breath and wipe off my tears.

"Okay let me fix this first then we are gonna have the ice-cream together okay. I know it would have melted by now but I know how crazy my cupcakes are for ice-cream. No matter frozen or melted. " I chuckled and broke the hug while the twins laughed.

With some shuffling here and there and with a last flip of switch our whole apartment boomed with lights.

The twins jumps and shouted so loud with excitement I wondered if they woke up our neighbours.

"Ice cream time" I say loudly and run to the kitchen.

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