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"No. Please" I almost whine like a baby as the spoon still hover over my mouth.

"I'm full. " I close my eyes and pat my full over grown belly.

"No. You need to eat very very healthy food, now open you mouth before I have to assign your uncle to keep your mouth open so I can shove these food in."   The old lady raise her fine eyebrow and move her eyes toward the uncle sitting behind her on the couch.  He lowered the corner of the newspaper a little bit and winked at me but continue his reading after a second.

I almost fake a gasp..." you both team up against me.. oh my Godd--''- "

With an umph I shut my mouth as aunt shove the spoon in my mouth when I said God.

The smile of victory on the face of the old lady can lighten the whole room. While I try to chew down the frozen fruits in my mouth.

"Come on. Last bite Sonia. Come on. Open your mouth." The old lady beamed at me.

I never ever thought I'm my life that I would be this lucky to have this lovely old couple living downstairs on the first floor. The old couple is surely proved me what real love is. They love each other immensely. When I came here , the initial week was tiring, until I got out for the grocery shopping where I bumped into this old couple walking down the stairs.

And yeah from the moment "are you our new neighbour?" To this moment, we have become a family.

I spend my day here most of the time when I'm not working or not sleeping. I rarely go upstairs now a days, just for sleeping or bathing and as I have taken leave from work as the delivery date is coming near so now I'm here all day and they just enjoy spoiling me.

They don't have their own kid. They had a daughter. But unfortunately by accident they lost her, when she was coming back from the hospital. By the documents police got from the site  told them she just came to know that she was pregnant.

I always wondered why bad happen to good people. 

The day when they both got to know about my pregnancy, they showered me with hugs and kisses.

And from that moment they made it their mission to take care of me.

I some how feel that they try to see their daughter in me. But they don't know my sins.

They better now.

And then I suddenly gasped. Like really. A very loud gasp.

The could look at me suspiciously but I just smile nervously.

"Maybe it was a kick" but then I got another. Another. And then another.

And then I almost grasp my belly with both of my hands.

"Oh my God. .. it's paining ugh please. ." I saw nervously toward the couple who look back at me stunned and then suddenly something shift in old lady eyes.

"Oh my God. Bring the car out. " she should over her shoulder.

"She is in labour."

Thank you so much for reading.

Lots of love.

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