Chapter 2.

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Randhir's dad pov...

"Are you even listening to me randhir?" I slams down my palm hard against the wooden table. My skin of palm burns at the impact but my son didn't even flinched.

He didn't even blink.

I shut my eyes and pull my lips in a thin line. My head is aching because of rage.

"Do you even realise it was so embarrassing for me to know that you skipped your own success party and you were so damn drunk at some bar that the owner need to drop you home personally? Just thank God he was one of my friend. " I cringe at the flash of looks of people at party when they came to know that he is not coming in the party himself.

"Why are you behaving like you have lost your life? " I litteraly shout at him from this side of table.

It's only the table between us which is saving him from my wrath right now.

Dishevelled hair, messy beard, sagged eyes. Dropped face. He looks disgusting.

And dead.

"I swear randhir if you d...." I was stopped by ringing of my phone.

It's from the police station where sanyukta had been held.

I sigh and pick up the call.

"I am busy. I will call you later.." I was cut off by..

"Sir it's really urgent. " came a voice.

"I said I'm busy so d...." I started again

"It's related to randhir sir" said the voice.

My eyes widen.


I glance up at randhir who is still looking out of the big window. Lost. Nearly dead.

"I will be there in half hour." I chipped.

'Can you bring randhir's DNA report along.?" Said the voice.

The scariest fear settled in my chest but I try to ignore it for now.

If what I'm thinking is true than randhir is gone. Totally.


I held my head in my palms and it's still hurting like hell.

"Are you sure?" I almost barked at the nurse with white cap.

She nodded.

"Please. No. Please just say there are chances for it to be wrong. Please." I ran a hand through my hair as I nearly plead the nurse to be wrong.

She just stayed as it is and slide some reports in my direction on the table.

I close my eyes finding myself unable to look at the reports.

Soon a copy walks in and took a seat beside me.

"Is there any way out of this?" I mumbled to my friend. I know he is my friend but he too sincere to his job too.

"I won't recommended you abortion because it's not the solution. And I can't keep her here because I'm not allowed to. It's against the law to keep a pregnant woman locked up. And as we already know ....err.. who the father is..."

He took a pause and glance up at me nervously. .

"You are smart enough to get what I mean to say.." he chipped.

"No. I'm not. Just say it." I almost feel disguised by myself.

He sigh hard.

"Fine. You guys need to keep her with you. At least until the baby is born. " he finished the sentence and I almost lost my sanity.

I can't bear the sight of criminals and this time I had to keep a criminal at my place to live. So she can give birth to baby of my useless son. Great.



But randhir need to pay for this mistake.

This big mistake.

Thank you for reading.

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