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I sense some shufflung around me which made me flutter my eyes and then I gently rub my eyes to get my vision clear.

When I blink my eyes again and sit a little on the bed there was no one the room. Then I notice tray with breakfast beside me.

The sight of the food bring water time my mouth. I know I need to eat but my ego is too much to accept it.

I get up from the bed and make my way to the washroom. After getting freshen up, I decided to take a quick shower after brushing my teeth. I wore a bathrobe around me because I didn't have any clothes around.

Events of last night played in my head and I cringe at myself.

When I make my way back to the room the breakfast was gone. I ignore the feeling of disappointment.

Maybe I should have eat the breakfast at least.

For the baby at least.

I sigh and decided to find myself some clothes to wear.

I make my way out of the room to find the room i was picked previously. It was just beside this room. I quickly dug into my bag and pick out few clothes to wear. I was just about to strip the bathrobe down when I hear a sigh behind me.

What? I didn't lock the door?

There he is.  Standing in a comfortable pose leaning on door frame. If there would be any other girl she would be head over heels for his looks.

But I know better than that.

I know the inner him.

The monster he is.

And the coward he is at the same time.

I intentionally roll my eyes at him and turn back again pretending to find directions something in my bag and hope him to go away soon.

I'm not in a mood of any conversation with him.

Killing him, sounds more like a preferable option.

I almost sigh defeated lyrics when I hear footsteps coming near me.

I mentally groan and turn back.

"What do you want?" I shout out throwing the clothes in my hands.

He didn't even flinch.  Yeah why would he? I'm not even scary.

"Why didn't you eat breakfast?"


"I'm so sorry because I really didn't know I have a daddy in this house." I said sarcastically and roll my eyes at him and turn around again to my bag.

The silence took her entire time to stretch up between us.

Until he said.

"I wasn't. But I can be if you want me too."

I can really feel him smirking by his voice.


I turn around one more time and pass the disgusting look at him.


"Even if I ever want a daddy I will prefer a strong one not a coward like you."

I spat out and at that moment I really wanted to ignore the hurt bubble up in his eyes at my words.

Then i move past him but I was stopped by a strong grip on my hand.

What the f..

I didn't turn out but I know he is staring holes in my skull.

"What did you just say?"

His voice was so calm. Just. So. Calm. Merely above a whisper. In any other situation I would have thought he is hurt but right now I can even sense the rage burning his body and traveling to mine by our connected hands.

He need to know who he is dealing with.

Then I turn around and I would have almost taken aback by how dangerous his looks are.

The rage made his eyes almost red and his face was so much closer to my convenience.

Oh I think I hit a nerve. Or maybe his ego. His big fat male ego.

I gulp unconsciously.

Yes I want to  admit I'm scared. But he don't need to know that.

I collect some lost courage and said

"I said that you are a c..coward."

And I fuckin....dared to stutter.

For God's sake sanyukta.

Then then I saw something change in his eyes. Is he smirking  at me? Or is he mentally laughing at me?

"Are you scared of me sanyukta?"

"No" I said with out wasting a single second.

"You sure?' This time his smirk began to show up a little as he brings get his face closer


I wanted to shout but words didn't formed so I nodded.

That's where I did another mistake.

I nodded more than necessary.

His smirk on full blown and I suddenly feel a tight grip around my waist and I almost gasped at the sudden contact.

"Hiding truth from ourselves, are we?" He whispered in my ear and I suddenly feel hot all over my skin.

And when his cold lips pressed against the bare hot skin of my neck I almost lost it. The goosebumps arise in my skin as he kiss again and again and again the same spot while his hands lock tightly around me, holding me.

I was so lost in my thought to realise the loss of warmth of his body.

"Wear clothes, I don't want my baby to feel cold and come down for breakfast "

And then he is gone.

Like really gone.

What is wrong with him.

F..ish you, Randhir.

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