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I waited as I hear the door being locked again and then I hear heavy footstep coming toward my room. I quickly glance at the clock on the side wall and its almost twelve in night.

The door knob turn and the door slide open and came in a tired body. The light from the outside giving a perfect outline of his super defined body.

the little moonlight from the window fall on his face and then I realised how tired he really is. He almost dragged his feet  towards the bed. He get out of his tux jacket on the way along with his shoes one by one. Before I could even realise what's happening he slips into my blanket.

I never realised how small my bed was.

It was enough for me.

For one person. 

I tried to shuffle to get out of the bed but a firm hand on my arm stopped me.


He sounds sleepy. I think whatever he has been doing today literally drained his all energy.

"But I. .."

"Just sleep."  He said again as he gets more comfortable on my bed and cover me back with my blankets.

I struggled again to get off the same bed

"Please. " I saw a little pout forming on his lips.

Okay now he don't need to torture me like this. I mean who gave him the right so be so... cute.

"Are you alrigh?" I search his eyes for some answers but his eyes seems ready to drop shut.

"Tired as fuck " he mumbled under his breath as if he doesn't have energy left to speak anymore.

And then I somehow stop struggling but I turn my face opposite to him.

There was no movement for few seconds and nobody spoke for a moment and just when I thought he slept, an arm came around my waist and I was slide back to his front.

" just sleep now." He murdered

It was so hard to stop myself from moaning at how comfortable it feels.

His breath falls at the back of my ear and his arms around me as he sponsored me tightly. I actually like the way our body fits perfectly, moulding in one another. Perfect.

"Can I ask you something?"

I heard him mumble behind me.

Oh no.

Will he asked me if I had tell the kids south him?

Will he then run downstairs and wake up the old couple banging the door until my twins are scared and hiding under the bed?


efore my response he asked.

"Would you mind if I just. ......

He stop and get out of the bed and I hear some shuffling before he got back to his previous exact place. But this time without his shirt.

"....I can't sleep in clothes. "

He finished and then we both get silent.

"Breathe." He said and I almost take a full breath filling my lungs before letting it all out. I feel his chest vibrating behind me

Is he laughing at me? But I'm too tired to respond now. I let out a long humming sound before closing get my eyes as getting down in the lap of slumber.


I pat my palm beside me to find some warmth to my cold body. When my hands didn't find any warmth I open my eyes.

Plain. Empty.  Void.

I looked up at the click. Almost five of the morning.

He left already?

I sigh. What I was even expecting?  Good morning kiss? A morning like moral couples? Cuddling till we both get late?  Rushing to get ready?  Dressing up our kids together? Huh?

I run a hand through my hair somehow taming my wild hairs. He better didn't freak out watch my mess this morning.

I think it's time for me to get up too.

I throw my legs down the bed when my eyes fall on something yellow on my side table.

It was a yellow card.

I took it gently in my fingers and unfold the one-time-fold note.

"Thanks for the peaceful night, love."

The sudden blush crept up to my cheeks and I stop myself from smiling widely. I bite my lip to hold myself from grinning.

I almost jump on the bed when my phone began to ring. I scan my room to search where it's  ringing. It was on charging.

Wait. I don't remember putting it on charging last night.

I remove the charger and look up at the unknown number

"Hello?" I ask didn't care to hide my sleepy voice.

"So you didn't told them?"

How the fuck he get to know that?

"I.. uh.. was going to..." I stutter as all my sleep vanish suddenly.


He mumbled on the phone.

"Tonight?" I repeated.

"When I come tonight I want my babies to run to my arms calling me dad."

The king and his commands.


He asked like he is doing some business with me.

"I asked is it clear?" His that tone again. It's just make me roll my eyes numerous of times. He made it sound like it's some business del for him. I just so wanted to shout to him and tell him that it's not some deal for us if it is for him. But I know what's gonna happen if I angered him.

"Yes daddy" I said in my oh so sweet voice while rolling my eyes even when I know he can't see me.

There was silent for few minutes. At one point I thought he ended the call so as I was about to put my phone down I hear his voice.

"I can give you a reason to call me that again tonight. "

And then he ended the call.

Oh My....

All my holy angels just ran for the hills and for a fact I know they will never come back again.

Thank you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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